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Escalator Safety


Escalators are common in many public spaces. They have become a necessary convenience in our lives and it is important to ensure that escalators are safe for us for everyone.

There are a total of about 6,000 escalatorsin Singapore. Like most mechanical devices, escalators require regular and proper maintenance to ensure safety and reliability of use. The new regulatory regime (from 1 Nov 2016) requires escalators to be maintained at least once a month and to undergo an examination, inspection and testing once a year. Escalator owners are also required to obtain a Permit-to-Operate from BCA. This new requirement will be staggered and is dependent on the CSC date of the building. By 31 January 2018, all escalators will require a Permit-to-Operate.

Escalator safety is a shared responsibility

Escalator owners and escalator contractors play an important role in ensuring that their escalators are being maintained according to the prevailing standards.

Escalator users also play a part in proper and safe use of escalators.Click on the images below to learn more about the Dos and Don'ts when using escalators, to keep you and your family safe.

(New!) Posters and Floor Sticker on the Safe Use of Escalators
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Building or escalator owners who wish to enquire on these public education materials may also contact BCA at https://www.bca.gov.sg/feedbackform/.

Safe Use Of Escalator

Reporting escalator malfunctions

Escalator users should report any escalator malfunctions to the escalator owner (including Town Councils) or their managing agent immediately.

Escalator owners and escalator contractors should take all public feedback seriously and exercise due diligence in engaging their escalator contractors to rectify any escalator issues promptly.

BCA's measures to tighten escalator maintenance and enhance escalator safety

BCA has completed the first phase of its review on escalator safety regulations. The new measures to enhance escalator reliability and safety include the introduction of outcome-based maintenance regime, and a more robust Permit-to-Operate system.

Escalator owners and escalator contractors who carried out the most recent servicing work on the escalator are also required to inform BCA as soon as possible, when an incident involving death or injury, or malfunction of safety critical components occurs.

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