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BCA-SGBC Behavioural Change Pilot Programme


In Singapore, the building sector contributes more than 30% of the nation's electricity consumption with nearly half consumed by building users. Therefore, the building sector plays a vital role in helping to reduce energy consumption. Hence, beyond focusing on the building infrastructure, user behaviour is key in maximising energy savings.

To reiterate the importance of driving positive energy consumption behaviour among building users (i.e. occupants and tenants), the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) introduced a first-of-its-kind behavioural change programme - the BCA-SGBC Behavioural Change Pilot Programme. This programme aims to drive behavioural change in building occupants and end-users and encourage them to adopt sustainable behaviours and reduce the overall environmental impact in their organisations. The Pilot targets to engage organisations with business portfolio where there could be greater potential for energy savings.


Organisations that have participated in the pilot programme have seen energy savings ranging from 4% to 20%. These organisations had dedicated ambassadors who implemented the behavioural change approach including:

  • Understanding the employees' behaviour
  • Identifying a target group of people or target audience
  • Identifying the barriers and motivators
  • Designing a campaign that is easy, expected and attractive
  • Measuring and celebrate results

To share the knowledge gleaned from the behavioural change campaigns of the respective organisations, BCA and SGBC will be developing industry specific standardised toolkits targeting organisations that wish to take the first step in shaping the culture of at their workplaces, with the focus on energy saving actions. These toolkits and guides would be developed for offices, hotels and supermarkets based on overseas case studies and complemented with the learnings from the local organisations that have participated in the pilot programme.


Under this programme, change managers will be trained up to engage colleagues in improving a company's operational effectiveness through behavioural change. Due to limited slots, participation for organisations is free under this Pilot on a first-come-first served basis which is slated to end on September 2019. To register your interest in this programme, please contact:

Please refer to our media releases for more information:


BCA Green Mark certification supports green buildings movement by encouraging sustainable buildings in Singapore built environment. Moving forward, BCA encourages Super Low Energy (SLE) Buildings and Healthier Workplaces.

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