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Back to School Programme

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The BCA - MOE Back to School programme (B2S) is an initiative to enhance student engagement and education in environmental sustainability, and to groom the next generation of "green-collar" workforce.

Under the programme, students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) are given the opportunity to act as consultants to help their alma mater schools attain the BCA Green Mark certification.

The internship programme aims to :

  • To expose students to sustainability and green building careers
  • To provide a platform for students to employ their technical and management skills that they acquired in school and at BCA
  • To get students to be envoys of the sustainability message

The student intern undertake the following tasks to help schools to achieve Green Mark certification.

Programme Progression

Progress of Green Mark for Schools

To date, more than 40 greened schools have achieved at least Green Mark Gold award as shown in the map below

(Click on the green icons to find out the details and the top left icon to view the full list of greened schools).

Our partners


The achievements of the programme were testament of the support and collaboration with participating schools and our partners. Since the official launch in September 2016, the programme has been extended to students from 7 Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). We welcome participation from potential green professionals and IHL students from Built Environment related courses to apply for this green internship programme.


In addition, the following green-minded Built Environment firms have joined in to provide students with greater industry exposure. These firms have come on board as industry mentors to guide and share their working experience with students. We welcome greater involvement of green firms to volunteer as Industry Mentors to help guide our next generation of green professionals.



Green Mark for Existing Schools Criteria

The Green Mark for Existing Schools criteria recognises the green features and practices and places emphasis on the school's curriculum in environmental sustainability.

Schools that are interested to apply for BCA Green Mark assessment can find out more details here.

Green Mark for Existing Schools Criteria Version2.0

BCA Green Schools Toolkit

The Green Schools Toolkit and other learning materials were developed to ease and facilitate schools in the process of attaining Green Mark Certification. It provides relevant information regarding BCA Green Mark and provides information on the assessment details, procedure and criterion.

Green Mark for Existing Schools Toolkit

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For any queries or clarifications, please contact the following officers:
Ms Maisie Koh | maisie_koh@bca.gov.sg
Ms Wendy Li | wendy_li@bca.gov.sg

BCA Green Mark certification supports green buildings movement by encouraging sustainable buildings in Singapore built environment. Moving forward, BCA encourages Super Low Energy (SLE) Buildings and Healthier Workplaces.