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Smart Facilities Management

What is Smart Facilities Management

Smart Facilities Management (FM) refers to the integration of systems, processes, technologies and personnel to enhance the management of a building's facilities. It is about doing better with technology, using it as a means to an end. It is important to consider the process and people aspect in order to harness the full potential of smart FM and achieve a holistic solution that can support data-driven decisions, create change and improve outcomes.

Why Adopt Smart FM

In recent years, there is a significant interest from Building Owners to develop smart buildings or estates that cater to varied customers' experiences. As the economy shifts from traditional industry silos to integrated digital ecosystems, businesses that place their customers' experience first, have the ability to continuously create new value, and that build on digital economies of scale, will thrive.

Driving FM Sector Transformation Through Smart FM

As part of the Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM) launched on 8 February 2018 by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development, BCA was tasked to coordinate the development of the FM sector. A tripartite Facilities Management Implementation Committee (FMIC) was formed in April 2018. The FMIC brings together major stakeholders, comprising both public and private building owners, FM service and solution providers, trade associations and chambers (TACs), and unions, to develop detailed action plans to implement the strategies identified in the Real Estate ITM.

A key strategy in the Real Estates ITM is the reduction of reliance on manpower by leveraging on data analytics, predictive maintenance and smart technology solutions. A Smart FM Taskforce, was subsequently formed to develop a framework for implementation and formulate strategies for adoption of smart FM by industry.

Guide to Smart FM

To drive the adoption of smart FM, the Smart FM taskforce has developed a Guide to Smart FM. The Guide aims to provide Building Owners and their FM Managers with an easy-to-use reference to guide them on the key steps to take in their smart FM journey. The Guide is applicable to various building types and FM operating models, while being mindful that most buildings have a diverse range of systems. Building Owners, FM Managers, FM Companies (FMCs) and Service/ Solution Providers can use this Guide and the 5-Step SMART process as follows:


Building Owners & FM Managers

FMCs and Service/ Solution Providers


Set business objectives and outcomes

Understand Building Owners' smart FM goals


Map out smart FM solutions as enablers

Position technology solutions to meet Building Owners' smart FM goals


Adopt suitable implementation model

Propose suitable implementation models



Review procurement contract

Offer longer-term, outcome-based contract


Track outcomes and review for continuous improvement

Review effectiveness of adopted solution(s) with Building Owners and their FM Managers


You can download a copy of the Guide here.  

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