E-Filing Portal for Mandatory Environmental Sustainability Measures for Existing Buildings

(in compliance with Building Control (Environmental Sustainability Measure for Existing Buildings) Regulations 2013)


Green Mark E-Filing Portal for Existing Buildings is an e-Service designed for Mechanical Engineer to e-File their individual project Green Mark (GM) Scores in compliance to the Code on Environmental Sustainability Measures for Existing Buildings and Building and Construction Authority(BCA).
Mechanical Engineer is required to register once to access to this portal.

The system will help to check on the compliance with the minimum Greenmark (GM) score and pre-requisite requirements. It will auto-generate GM e-Filing number, GM declaration forms and scores needed for e-submission through the CORENET e-Submission System.
The Mechanical Engineer can also retrieve his earlier design GM calculation records from the system at a later stage for update and as-built submission.

Note: For e-Filing of new buildings under Building Control (Environmental Sustainability) Regulations 2008. pls log in to
GreenMark e-Filing Portal for New Buildings