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Guidelines for Plan Submission, Construction and Commissioning of Household or Storey Shelters


This Guide serves as a reference to Qualified Persons (QPs) who are responsible for the planning, design, construction and commissioning of household or storey shelters. The Civil Defence Shelter Engineering Department (CDSD) of Building Resilience Group, which administers these requirements, is located at:

52 Jurong Gateway Road, #10-01
Singapore 608550

Here is the download link to the Guide:
- Guidelines for Plan Submission of Household or Storey Shelters (939kb .pdf)

Guide On Time Taken To Respond to Application for Approval Of Plans (Building and Structural Plans)and Commissioning for Household and Storey Shelters

The following time frames are only a general guide since each submission can vary greatly in terms of complexity. Complete and good quality plan submissions which do not require written directions to be issued or which comply fully with written directions (if any) by qualified person will facilitate the process and shorten the time taken.

The general guide on the time taken to respond to applications for approval of building and structural plans of household and storey shelters are as follows:-

S/No. Types of Submission Time taken to respond
(working days)
1. Application for shelter plan approval for residential development projects. 10
2. Application for shelter commissioning for residential development projects. 7