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Provision of Household and Storey Shelters


Since the implementation of the Civil Defence (CD) Shelter Act in May 1998, household or storey shelters must be provided in the new flats/houses that are built on the vacant land or built in place of a building which has been demolished or would be demolished.

For proposals with reconstruction of existing building, Qualified Person (QP) is to seek consultation with SCDF and obtain a written confirmation where provision of shelter is not required. This written confirmation shall be obtained before submitting plans to BCA.

The building and structural plans of household and storey shelters are to be submitted to Civil Defence Shelter Engineering Department of Building and Construction Authority for approval before commencement of related structural works according to the requirements of Building Control Act and Regulations.

For more information on provision requirement of CD Shelters, please refer to the SCDF website http://www.scdf.gov.sg.