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What is the IDD implementation plan?

To move the built environment sector towards Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), a set of strategies were formulated and presented during the fourth International Panel of Experts (IPE) for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and IDD in October 2017. These strategies have been developed into three key action plans with specific outcomes to be achieved by 2020:

  1. To develop IDD knowledge and applications through a series of actual projects;
  2. To develop the IDD ecosystem with enabling solutions and standards; and
  3. To ramp up industry IDD competency.

The IDD Steering Committee, formed in February 2018, will oversee the execution of the IDD Implementation Plan by:

  • Providing strategic direction and guidance on the development of IDD and
  • Co-leading and driving the implementation of IDD initiatives.

The following initiatives were announced as part of the IDD Implementation Plan on November 2018:

  1. Implement IDD Through Actual Projects
  2. Develop IDD Ecosystem, Solutions and Standards
  3. Ramp up Competency Level