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Who is adopting IDD?

PROJECT: JTC Logistics Hub @Gul

To intensify land use in response to increasing regional competition, Singapore has to overcome relatively higher costs of operation with the design of a highly efficient clustered multi storey automated container storage facility supported by appropriate technology. The new JTC Logistics Hub (JLH) is Singapore's first high-rise multi-tenanted logistics facility to house container depots, warehouses and a heavy vehicle park all within a single development.

JLH has adopted a 'digitalised' approach through Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) towards the design and construction of the hub.

Image Credit: AWP Pte Ltd

Project Team:

  • JTC Corporation (Developer)
  • AWP Pte Ltd (Architect)
  • Meinhardt (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Structural and M&E Engineer)
  • Kimly Construction Pte Ltd (Main Contractor)

Project Highlights:

  1. Big Plan Room and Cloud-based Collaboration
    ✓ 20% Improvements in RFI (Request-for-Information) responses
  2. Automated Fabrication Process
    ✓ Shorter time and higher accuracy through BIM
  3. Digital Ordering and Manufacturing System
    ✓ Up to 70% improvements in productivity
  4. Integrated DfMA Approach
    ✓ Improved production planning and automation
  5. Seamless Logistics Management Solution
    ✓ Traceability of components ensuring on time assembly and delivery
  6. Defects Management Platform
    ✓ Easier identification of defects and proper asset delivery

PROJECT: PSA Tuas Port Maintenance Base

Image Credit: ID Architects Pte Ltd

The upcoming Tuas Port will be developed in four phases and terminal operations for the first phase is expected to start in 2021. As part of PSA Singapore’s sustainability plan to reduce carbon emissions, PSA is looking to develop green terminal buildings in the port.

Tuas Port Maintenance Base will consist of 8 buildings that serve various aspects of maintaining the port facilities. One of them being the 6-storey Administrative Building (under the Green Building Innovation Cluster Demo); this will be the first major building and the first Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) to be completed in Tuas Port. The building will house an operations centre which will manage all terminal operations for Phase 1 of Tuas Port, as well as a canteen, an engineering office and briefing rooms; expected to be ready in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Tuas Port Maintenance Base has hence adopted an Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) approach in line with this effort that embarks on advanced info-communication technologies and smart technologies, integrating processes and stakeholders throughout all phases of port operations with a single source of truth.

Project Team:

  • PSA Corporation Ltd (Developer)
  • ID Architects Pte Ltd (Architect)
  • Chan Rong Fen Building Construction Pte Ltd (Main Contractor)
  • KCL Consultants Pte Ltd (C&S Engineer)
  • PDC Consulting Engineers (M&E Engineer)
  • GreenA Consultants Pte Ltd (Green Mark Consultant)

Project Highlights:

  1. VDC Coordination in Virtual Reality
    ✓ One virtual collaborative space which allows multi-location & user coordination
  2. Integrated and Automated DfMA Approach
    ✓ Shorter time and higher accuracy production planning through BIM
  3. BIM Based Project Management
    ✓ Secured cloud data storage which allows viewing, navigating and accessing uploaded model information from multiple platforms
  4. Defects Management Platform
    ✓ 20% improvement in managing defects via proper categorizing and organizing issues for easy identifications and follow ups
  5. Safety Management Toolbox Meeting / Permit to Work / WHS Inspection
    ✓ 20% improvement with real-time implementation
  6. Integrated Digital Assets Delivery & Management
    ✓ With BIM-Maximo Integration, which automates the migration of BIM data into Maximo, this will allow 20% efficiency improvements of the maintenance work planning and execution process

PEOPLE: Young Individuals Embracing the Use of Digital Technologies

Young professionals in the built environment sector are embracing the use of digital technologies to change the way we build. Digital technologies are opening up exciting job opportunities for tech-savvy millennials to join the built environment sector. They, in turn, help to shape Singapore's landscape.

Ms Yve Xu, Manager (BIM), Future of Building & Infrastructure, JTC

With her experiences as a mechanical engineer doing design management, Yve also learnt about digitalisation through implementing BIM for her organisation. She meets the needs of JTC, as a developer, such that her organisation can deliver Building and Infrastructure (B&I) information digitally and accurately at both corporate and project level. This allows JTC to plan, create and maintain different space types required by their target tenants to carry out their businesses.

Mr Gerard Teo, Head of VR, ID Architects

With his experiences in using Computational BIM, which requires him to acquire new programming skills, Gerard converts design considerations into programming rules, automating and speeding up the process of generating various design options for his client. This has helped his project team to arrive at designs that meet all design considerations, limitations and compliance to rules very fast.

Mr Colin Yip, Professional Engineer and Buildings Digital Lead, Arup Singapore

With his knowledge on BIM and programming, Colin optimises various structural design options while meeting all design considerations, limitations and compliance to rules. This has helped to cut down on the use of construction materials. He also uses programming techniques to streamline the design and documentation workflow in his organisation.

Ms Michelle Lee, Digital Delivery Manager, Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.

With her knowledge in BIM and geology, Michelle makes use of digital terrain model to set out all key coordinates on site very accurately. This has greatly improved the preparation and execution processes of underground excavation works. The same digital terrain model is used for planning the rest of the on-site activities. Michelle can also simulate construction sequencing of works so that all works are run smoothly on site.

Ms Sutini Charidi, BIM Coordinator, Kimly Construction

With her knowledge in architecture and BIM, Sutini creates and presents 3D models of architectural installations to the construction teams, allowing them to have a better understanding of the steps involved during installation. This has helped to avoid potential site issues before actual construction begins. Her work has also improved the team's visualisation and understanding of the processes involved.