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Isolation Sub-Plots Application Procedures

  1. The use of Isolation Sub-Plot is for blocks of one calendar week (from Monday to Sunday) subject to a maximum of 7 calendar weeks. An applicant who needs to use the ISP for more than 7 weeks must submit a letter together with the Application Form (QPM-SRD-Section 1N), to justify the request. The minimum applied period to use the ISP is 4 weeks.

  2. The applicant is to submit the completed relevant Application Form together with the cheque for applying the specific ISP as shown in Table A below to Building and Construction Authority, 52 Jurong Gateway Road #12-01, Singapore 608550  at least one (1) week in advance prior to the commencement of ISP Permission Period. Early submission (ie. earlier than 4 weeks) will not be considered.

Table A: ISPs Available

Gross Area* of ISP (sqm) Approx. Numbers of ISP** Minimum tonnage at ISP (tonnes) Maximum tonnage at ISP (tonnes)
Pulau Punggol Aggregate Terminal Tuas Aggregate Terminal
25 10 9 10 20
460 2 1 1000 2000
780 - 2 1000 3300
820 3 - 1000 3500

*Gross Area includes access road and circulation area.
**Please refer to location plans on Isolation Sub-plots.

  1. BCA will inform the applicants of the outcome within 3 working days*** (by both email and fax). The application will only be accepted (subject to plot availability) after the cheque is duly honoured by the drawer’s bank. BCA’s approval of application and allocation of ISPs will be based on the principles that new source countries and new importers will be accorded priority in consideration. The allocation of ISPs will be decided by the BCA at its sole discretion and BCA’s decision shall be final.

  2. ***Working day is defined as BCA’s official working days

  3. With the submission of the Application Form (QPM-SRD-Section 1N), it is deemed that the applicant has read and understood his responsibilities and agreed to be bound by the liabilities as an ISP User as stated in the Terms and Conditions of Use for ISP.

Please contact the following BCA officers if you need further assistance: