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Singapore’s Lift Industry: Recommendations to attract, develop and retain Singapore Residents

With Singapore becoming an increasingly built-up nation, there will be a greater reliance on lifts. A strong core workforce in the lift industry is necessary to ensure that our lifts are well-maintained and remain safe. Currently, the industry faces an ageing workforce, with half of the lift technicians who are Singapore residents (i.e. Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents) already above 50 years of age and expected to retire within the next 10-15 years. Hence, attracting Singapore residents into the industry is a top priority.

The Lift and Escalator Sectoral Tripartite Committee (STC) has identified the following set of recommendations to attract, develop and retain Singaporean talents and professionals in the lift industry:

  • Better Jobs: Enhancing job prospects, progression and work environment to attract Singapore Residents to join the industry
  • Higher Skills: Introducing a training and certification framework to upskill workforce to deliver better quality maintenance services
  • Better Pay: Ensuring higher wages for Singapore Resident lift maintenance personnel
  • Raising Productivity: Pushing for wider adoption of technology in the lift industry to create higher value-added jobs

The STC finalised their recommendations in a report which was released on 19 September 2018.

The Government supports the STC’s recommendations through:

A Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for lift industry
  • The Government will phase in the requirement for all registered lift companies to implement a Progressive Wage Model (PWM) within three years. From now until 2021, all Government Procuring Entities (GPEs), such as Housing and Development Board (HDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA), and Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), will take the lead by procuring only from such registered lift maintenance firms listed under ME09 as Progressive Wage Model firms.

A Training & Certification Framework

Training and Certification Framework
  • BCA is collaborating with the Institute of Education (ITE)* to develop training courses, assessments and certifications aligned with the structured competency framework recommended by the L&E STC. Through the framework, the courses and assessments will help to determine a worker’s competency level, his suitability to take on a more technical or managerial role as well as allow existing lift technicians to become more skilled and progress upwards in the Progressive Wage Model levels. More details of this training and certification framework will be made available soon.

    *A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and ITE to signal this collaboration.

Additional support for mid-career switchers

    It will also be easier for Singapore Residents who are considering a career switch to become lift technicians, as industry firms can also tap on funding support from Workforce Singapore (WSG) to develop Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP). The PCP offers these mid-career switchers an opportunity to be re-skilled to a technical lift specialist through the training and employment options provided by the partner industry firm. Details of Professional Conversion Programme for lift technicians.

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