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Multi-Skilling Scheme


The Multi-Skilling Scheme provides an alternative pathway for the industry to upgrade their experienced workers. It complements the CoreTrade Scheme, which caters to workers specialised in key construction trades.

This registration scheme caters to workers specialised in key construction trades. It aims to build up a pool of workers who are competent in multiple construction trades to carry out more than one type of work tasks on-site. Employers will have greater flexibility in deploying multi-skilled workers on-site, hence reducing the downtime and improving their productivity.

Who can qualify to be a Multi-Skilling worker?

Workers will need to meet the following criteria to register:

Have a minimum of 4 years of construction experience in Singapore(1) and 2 acceptable certifications.

For first certification:

  1. Any SEC or SEC(K) trade certifications
  2. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certification, for Malaysian WPH.

For second certification:

  1. Any SEC(K) trade certification in a different trade from the first certification

Note(1) During registration, the employer will need to produce documents showing the WPH’s years of working experience in Singapore.

SEC(K) are available at:

  • BCA Academy and various BCA Approved Training and Testing Centre (ATTCs). For the contact details of these ATTCs, please click here. For 2nd SEC(K) Express Course fees, please click here.

  • Various BCA Appointed Overseas Testing Centres (OTCs). For the contact details of these OTCs, please click here.

Can workers who are trained in approved safety courses qualify to be Multi-Skilling worker?

With effect from 1 Oct 2016, workers who have a SEC(K) in the construction trade, can also be registered under the Multi-Skilling scheme if they meet the following criteria :

  1. Have a minimum of 6 years of construction experience in Singapore(1) and

  2. Completed 120 hours of training in approved safety-related courses OR obtained WSQ Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health.

Click here for the list of approved safety courses.

Note(1) During registration, the employer will need to produce documents showing the WPH’s years of working experience in Singapore.

Multi-Skilling registration for landscape construction worker

With effect from 1 Sep 2018, landscape construction workers who have an SEC(K) in construction trade, can register under the Multi-Skilling Scheme if they meet the following criteria :

  1. Have a minimum of 6 years of construction experience in Singapore(1);

  2. Is employed by firm that is registered under NParks Landscape Company Registry (LCR);

  3. Completed the WSQ in Landscape Operations Composite Assessment (by NParks); and

  4. Passed the SEC(K) in Construction-Related (Landscape) (by BCA).

Note(1) During registration, the employer will need to produce documents showing the WPH’s years of working experience in Singapore.


Multi-Skilling registration is valid for 2 years. Those who renew their registration, are required to attend Continuing Education and Training (CET) in any one of their two registered SEC/SEC(K) trades.

The CET will be a half-day course covering the latest codes and regulations, good practices, and demonstration of new methods, materials, tools and equipment relevant to the specific construction trades and/or areas of responsibility of the registered personnel.

For the list of ATTCs offering the CET, including that offered by BCAA, and the CET course dates and fees, please click here. For the contact details of these ATTCs and BCAA, please click here.


Application for registration under the Multi-Skilling Scheme can be submitted online through our Construction Workforce Registration System at www.bca.gov.sg/cwrs.

A non-refundable application fee of $20 (before GST) will be required for the application and renewal for Multi-Skilling registration.

If you have any query on registration of Multi-Skilling personnel, please call us: 6248 9845.

SEC(K) Trade Skills Recognised Under 2nd Certificate of the Multi-Skilling Scheme
1 Aircon Piping Installation 38 Marine Driven Piling Operation
2 Aluminium Formwork 39 Marine Sand Compaction Piling Operation
3 Asphalt Concrete Paving 40 Metal Scaffold Erection
4 Bored Micro-Piling Operation 41 Metal Scaffold Erection (System Scaffold)
5 Bored Piling Operation 42 Metal Scaffold Erection (Tubular Scaffold)
6 Bricklaying 43 Mobile Crane Operation
7 Cladding Installation 44 Painting
8 Construction Plant Operation (Bulldozer Operation) 45 Pipefitting
9 Construction Plant Operation (Excavator Loader Operation) 46 Plastering
10 Construction Plant Operation (Track Shovel Operation) 47 Plumbing & Pipefitting
11 Crawler Crane Operation 48 Precast Concrete Component Erection
12 Crawler Drill Operation 49 Precast Concrete Component Erection (with Tower Crane Hoist)
13 Curtain Wall Installation 50 Precast Kerb and Drain Laying
14 Deep Cement Mixing Operation 51 Precision Blocklaying and Wall Panel Installation
15 Doors & Windows Installation (Timber) 52 Prestressing
16 Doors and Windows Installation (Aluminium) 53 Soil Drilling & instrumentation
17 Driven Piling Operation 54 Steel Reinforcement Work
18 Ducting Installation for Air-Conditioning and Ventilation 55 Structural Steel Fitting
19 Electrical Wiring Installation 56 Suspended Ceiling Installation (Acoustical)
20 Enhanced Aluminium Formwork 57 Suspended Ceiling Installation (Fibrous Plaster)
21 Enhanced System Formwork 58 Suspended Scaffold Installation (Mast Climbing Platform)
22 Enhanced Timber Formwork 59 Suspended Scaffold Installation (Gondola)
23 Fibre Optics Installation 60 System Formwork Installation
24 Fire Sprinkler Installation 61 Telescopic Handler Operation
25 Gas Pipefitting 62 Thermal Insulation
26 Glazing 63 Tiling
27 Guniting 64 Timber Flooring
28 Hydraulic Excavator Operation 65 Timber Formwork
29 Hydraulic Excavator Operation (as Lifting Machine) 66 Tower Crane (Luffing Jib) Operation
30 Interior Drywall Installation 67 Tower Crane (Saddle Jib) Operation
31 Interlocking Blocks Pavement Construction 68 Trenchless Pipe Installation
32 Interior Gas Pipefitting 69 Tunnel Boring Machine (Earth Pressure Method)
33 Jack-in Piling Operation 70 Tunnel Boring Machine (Slurry Method)
34 Jet Grout Piling Operation 71 Underground Pipe-Jacking
35 Joinery 72 Waterproofing
36 Lift Installation 73 Welding
37 Marine Dredging Plant Operation 74 Mini Crane Operation