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International Recognition for BCA Singapore and its Green Building Masterplan

- Singapore's Building and Construction Authority clinches inaugural Regional Leadership Award from World Green Building Council

Singapore, 6 December 2011 - The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has been conferred the inaugural Regional Leadership Award, one of the six World Green Building Council Government Leadership Awards, for its exceptional Green Building Masterplan and efforts in steering the construction industry towards sustainable development in Singapore, and leadership in the green building movement in Asia Pacific.

The annual World Green Building Council Government Leadership Awards highlights world-leading government policies that maximise the opportunity of buildings to mitigate carbon emissions in the environment. WorldGBC's Chief Executive Officer, Jane Henley said, "The WorldGBC's 'Regional Leadership Award' recognises the outstanding vision and commitment of Singapore's Building and Construction Authority. We congratulate the Singapore Government for developing a Masterplan that sets minimum environmental standards for building codes, provides incentives for the private sector and promotes research, development and capacity building. Singapore's achievements clearly demonstrate that green building is not only achievable, but also affordable and practical."

The Singapore Green Building Council, one of the 80 over Green Building Councils from around the world, nominated BCA for this award. Mr Tai Lee Siang, President, Singapore Green Building Council commented that this is a recognition for the significant efforts by BCA in showing the industry the way forward by not just understanding the private sector conditions but also taking on the leadership role to get the public sector to go green.

BCA's flagship Green Mark scheme was launched in 2005, setting minimum standards for buildings on environmental factors such as energy efficiency, environmental impacts, waste management and water efficiency. It is the first green building rating system developed to suit the tropical climate. However, in its first year, only 17 buildings made the cut for the certification. To accelerate the growth of green buildings, BCA formulated a Green Building Masterplan that sets out specific initiatives to achieve the national target of greening at least 80% of the buildings in Singapore by 2030. Its current focus is on greening existing buildings. To-date, there are more than 940 green building projects, translating to a gross floor area of about 28 million m2 or 300 million ft2, or 12% of the nation's total gross floor area.

Having led the construction industry forward in developing green buildings in Singapore, BCA has began to share Singapore's green building expertise in the region by exporting its Green Mark scheme and profiling its construction industry's expertise internationally.

Dr John Keung, Chief Executive Officer of BCA, the leader behind the BCA Green Building Masterplan, was honoured and delighted by the new award. He said, "While BCA is championing the green building movement, this would not have been possible without the strong support from the Singapore Green Building Council, and all stakeholders in the building and construction industry for their unceasing support of the BCA Green Mark Scheme to propel Singapore towards environmental sustainability.

"I would also like to thank the World Green Building Council and look forward to closer collaboration in events and projects such as the Singapore Green Building Week, International Green Building Conference and the BCA Centre of Sustainable Buildings, in igniting and sustaining the green building movement in our region", he added.

Lately, Singapore's greening efforts and policies are gaining international recognition. In 2010, BCA became the first government agency outside North America to be conferred the prestigious Aspen Institute's Energy and Environment Award (Government) for its comprehensive policies and programmes in steering the industry towards the development of green buildings and sustainable construction in Singapore. Earlier this year in 2011, in a study conducted by a private consultancy firm on Asia-Pacific cities, Singapore was also ranked first in green building policies, before advanced cities like Tokyo, Sydney and Seoul. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has also chosen BCA to form a collaborating centre, which will be the first in Asia and one of the few centres in the world to collaborate with UNEP to drive greater adoption of sustainable buildings.

The portable document format version of the media release is also available (40.7KB .pdf).