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Price Quality Method (PQM)

About the Price Quality Method (PQM)

The Price Quality Method (PQM) is a tendering framework based on both the price and quality attributes for the evaluation of construction tenders. PQM formalises the assessment of quality attributes into quantitative scores. PQM optimises value by awarding the tender to the tenderer with the highest combined PQM score for the project.

The PQM applies to all construction tenders under the BCA Construction Workheads (CW01 & CW02) with Estimated Procurement Value (EPV) of $3million and above.

Since the development of the PQM framework, BCA have progressively enhanced the framework to address the evolving needs and practices of Government Procuring Entities (GPEs) and the industry. In line with the Government's efforts to transform the built environment sector under the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM), BCA has revised the PQM framework to be implemented with effect from 31 Jan 2018. The main enhancements are:

  1. Increase weightage for Quality (Q) component;
  2. Introduce minimum 15% weightage under the Q component for past performance;
  3. Introduce additional attributes under the Productivity (PD) component; and
  4. Provide greater transparency on tenderers' performance in Q and PD components.

Please refer to the links below for more information.

PQM - With effect from 31 Jan 2018

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