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Public Sector Standard Conditions Of Contract (PSSCOC)

Amendments To Conditions Of Contract<

The Public Sector Standard Conditions of Contract (PSSCOC) was developed to enable a common contract form to be used in all public sector construction projects. Standardisation will increase familiarity among users, reduce tendering efforts and promote greater efficiency in contract administration. The PSSCOC will be useful to industry practitioners who are interested to tender for public sector construction projects.

BCA will not print a new edition of the Conditions every time there is an amendment and would accumulate a substantial list of amendments before having a new edition. Users are to include any amendments to the Conditions in their tender documents until the amendments have been captured in the new edition. Users will be informed of any amendments to the Conditions between editions under this section.

Editorial Amendment(s)

List of Editorial Amendments (to be included in the Conditions)