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Public Sector Panels Of Consultants (PSPC)

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Latest News

(24 Oct 2018)

Note to All PSPC Consultants: The PSPC Annual Renewal for FY2018 (1 Apr 2019 to 31 Mar 2020) will be from 1 Jan 2019 to 15 Mar 2019 The renewal exercise will be conducted in the following phases:

Month of Jan 2019: CS/ME Panels
Month of Feb 2019: AR/QS/PM Panels
1 Mar 2019 to 15 Mar 2019: All Disciplines

Please visit PSPC e-Submission System to apply for renewal.


The Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC) list firms that provide consultancy services for public sector building and construction projects, categorised by different disciplines and different project cost ranges.


Disciplines in the PSPC

• Architectural (AR)
• Civil/Structural (CS)
• Mechanical/Electrical (ME)
• Quantity Surveying (QS)
• Project Management (PM)

Tendering Limits

Please view the Tendering Limits for the various disciplines, and short-listing methods under the Quality-Fee Method (QFM).


Government Procuring Agencies (GPEs) – View PSPC Panels Listing

GPEs may view the most current list of PSPC consultants at PSPC Listing Page.

Consultants – Apply for Listing on PSPC

All applications are to be submitted through the
PSPC e-Submission System.


Terms of Listing

General Terms and Conditions for listing on the PSPC
Appendix A Specific criteria for listing on the various PSPC disciplines and panels
Appendix B List of Recognized QS-related Degrees for Quantity Surveying (QS) Discipline (wef 1 Apr 2015)

Supporting Documents

Company Track Record Form
(only for Panels 1–3)
Personnel Track Record Form
(only for QS and PM panels)
Declaration Form for PSPC-Recognised QS
(only for QS panels)


Consortia - Request for Verification of Resources under Collaborative Bidding 

All request for verification are to be submitted to BCA (bca_pspc@bca.gov.sg) at least 5 working days before Expression of Interest (EOI) exercise closes.


Document to be submitted

Submission Template for Verification of Eligibility of PSPC Collaborative Bidding

Resources on Collaborative Bidding

Guidelines to Collaborative Bidding
Circular on Introduction of Collaborative Bidding Issued on 20 Jul 2018 
Industry Briefing Materials on Collaborative Bidding on 16 Aug 2018


For Consultants

Project opportunities are available through Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ).


The Quality-Fee selection Method (QFM), established in consultation with the industry, is a competitive selection method that takes into consideration both the quality criteria submitted by the firms and their fee proposals. It is primarily quality-based with a higher weightage given for quality.

The QFM will be adopted in conjunction with the PSPC for the evaluation of building and construction consultancy tenders in the public sector.

More Information on QFM


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ List Answers to common questions relating to the PSPC

All Other Queries

Please send your queries to bca_pspc@bca.gov.sg or call us at +65 6804 4513 or +65 6804 4516.