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BuildSG Transformation Fund (BTF)

The BuildSG Transformation Fund (BTF) brings together various BCA's existing industry development support schemes under one umbrella. The BTF will support the transformation plans for built environment firms under key Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM) areas as well as support individuals in upskilling and training to tackle the key transformation areas by tapping on enhanced workforce development schemes.

Click on the links below for more information on each of the four key focus areas under the BuildSG Transformation Fund (BTF):

Workforce Development

iBuildSG Scholarships and Sponsorships

Sponsorship (part-time)

Undergraduate Scholarship / Sponsorship (full-time)

Undergraduate Sponsorship (part-time)

Diploma Scholarship / Sponsorship (full-time)

Diploma Sponsorship (part-time)

ITE Scholarship (full-time)

iBuildSG Building Specialist Sponsorship (BSS)

The iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship (in collaboration with industry firms) supports students of high calibre and in-service personnel pursuing full-time and part-time BE-related courses at local universities, polytechnics, ITE or BCA Academy

Industry firms who are keen to sponsor students or in-service personnel, please click on the programme links to find out more on the iBuildSG Scholarships and Sponsorships.

For more information on the Built Environment sector, please click here.

iBuildSG Workforce Training and Upgrading The iBuildSG Workforce Training and Upgrading supports firms' upgrading of workers' skils via co-funding of selected skills assessment and training courses.
SkillsFuture Study Awards for Built Environment Sector The Skillsfuture Study Awards provides funding support to Singaporeans in the development and deepening of specialist skills in areas of demand in the BE sector.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA)

Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

Productivity Innovation Project (PIP) PIP supports Singapore-registered firms to build up their capability in DfMA technologies and IDD, and improve site processes in order to achieve higher site productivity.
Offsite Construction Special Scheme (OCSS) The OCSS is a voluntary manpower incentive scheme that encourages the shift towards DfMA and more off-site work. The scheme allows eligible DfMA production facilities to employ an allocated number of work permit holders at the lower Man-Year Entitlement levy rates, depending on the facility type and manpower profile.
Public Sector Construction Productivity Fund (PSCPF) PSCPF supports government agencies to use DfMA technologies for their construction projects.
Investment Allowance Scheme (IAS) IAS supports the mechanisation efforts of Singapore-registered firms through providing tax incentives for capital investments on productive construction equipment.

Green Buildings
Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings and Premises (GMIS-EBP) The GMIS-EBP scheme supports building owners and tenants to adopt energy efficient retrofitting designs, technologies and practices in existing buildings to achieve significant improvement in building energy efficiency.
Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings (Health Check) (GMIS-EB) The GMIS-EB scheme supports building owners to conduct 'health checks' audits of their buildings at subsidized costs.
Building Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing (BREEF) Scheme The BREEF scheme allows buildng owners to obtain financing from participating financial institutions to offset upfront costs for energy efficient retrofits of existing buildings and repay the loans through energy savings reaped.
Green Mark Gross Floor Area Incentive Scheme (GM-GFA) The GM-GFA scheme encourages private sector developers to build buildings that can attain higher Green Mark tier ratings (i.e. Green Mark Platinum or GoldPlus by granting additional floor area over and above the Master Plan Gross Plot Ratio.

Research & Innovation
Cities of Tomorrow (CoT) R&D Programme The CoT R&D programme is a multi-agency effort, led by the Ministry of National Development (MND), to identify challenges that cities face and develop R&D solutions to address the challenges. The key research thrusts that are supported include Advanced Construction, Resilient Infrastructure and Greater Sustainability.
Green Buildings Innovation Cluster GBIC is a one-stop integrated Research & Innovation hub that seeks to accelerate the adoption of promising building energy efficient technologies and solutions through programmes such as the GBIC Building Energy Efficient Demonstrations Scheme and the Super Low Energy Building Smart Hub.
Built Environment (BE) Robotics R&D Programme The BE Robotics R&D programme supports the research, development and deployment of innovative robotics with practical implementation and commercialisation potential in areas such as manufacturing, assembly as well as smart and sustainable assets.
MND Research Fund This grant supports the research, development and deployment of technologies/solutions in key areas such as DfMA, IDD, maintainability, safety and quality.
2-Stage Innovation Grant (iGrant) iGrant supports the industry in conducting fast track, proof-of-concept type of Research & Innovation in areas such as Advanced Construction and IDD for subsequent quick development.
Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BE-AMP) BE-AMP supports the fast-tracked development and commercialisation of innovative solutions supported by Gov-PACT initiative, which connects innovators with firms in the BE sector seeking to solve identified challenges through the use of their solutions.

For other enquiries, write to us here to find out more on the BTF. BCA will continue to enhance the BTF to ensure its relevance to the Construction ITM, and seek feedback from our partners to align it with the industry's needs.

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