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The BCA Quality Mark for Good Workmanship was launched on 1 July 2002 to help developers meet the rising expectation of Singaporeans for better quality homes. The Scheme is to encourage developers to consistently deliver quality homes.

Under the Scheme, BCA will assess every unit of newly completed residential projects. The Quality Mark for Good Workmanship will be issued to individual apartment unit that achieves the stipulated quality workmanship standard (a minimum CONQUAS score for internal finishes) set by BCA. The Quality Mark certifies the condition of the apartment unit at the time of inspection. Any unit that fails to achieve the standard* will not be issued the Quality Mark..

*Achieve a unit score of at least 80 points (out of 100) without any major defects and seepage in the toilets/bathrooms.

"Aligned with CapitaLand's credo'Building People. Building Communities', we believe in enriching the lives of our homebuyers, tenants, serviced residence guests and shoppers through quality real estate services and buildings. CapitaLand shares the same vision with the BCA Quality Mark for Good Workmanship that seeks to uphold high standards of quality workmanship for residential developments in Singapore. CapitaLand has been accorded the BCA Quality Champion accolade for our commitment and achievement in delivering high quality homes. We will continue to innovate and offer well-designed, safe and accessible buildings for the communities we operate in."

Mr Wen Khai Meng
Chief Executive Officer
CapitaLand Singapore Limited

"Allgreen strives to deliver quality homes to our buyers. Participation in BCA's QM Scheme ensures our achievement administered by an independent agency."

Mr Teo Keng Chiong
Executive Director
Allgreen Properties Ltd

"As a developer which puts top priority in delivering quality homes, CDL is honoured to be the first developer to receive BCA's Quality Mark certification for The Equatorial and Summerhill. This is a commendable initiative by BCA, which will help raise the overall quality of homes in Singapore, greatly benefiting homeowners. CDL is committed to supporting this certification for our future projects."

Mr Anthony Chia
Director (Projects)
City Developments Ltd

Letter of Appreciation

Baywater Condominium

"We would like to express our appreciation to you and your officers for the assistance and services rendered to our main contractor, Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd and our participation in the CONQUAS and QM schemes. Thank you for accommodating the schedule on site in conducting your assessment."

Mr Teo Keng Chiong
Executive Director
Allgreen Properties Ltd

Scope of Assessment

The scope of assessment will be the workmanship standards of the internal finishes of the following 6 architectural elements:

  1. Floor
  2. Internal wall
  3. Ceiling
  4. Door
  5. Window
  6. Components - fixtures such as wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, vanity top, mirror, bathtub, water closet, shower screen and basin
The assessment for the 6 architectural elements will cover all locations within the units (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living & dining rooms, utility yard, where applicable). In addition, the assessment will include water ponding test for bathrooms.

Water-tightness tests on windows will be optional. The conduct of the water-tightness test, if carried out, will be reflected in the Quality Mark.

The assessment does not cover quality of material or issues of design or aesthetic preferences.

Assessment Criteria

The aMeritssessment criteria and workmanship standard will be the relevant portions set out in the manual, "CONQUAS : The BCA Construction Quality Assessment System". The assessment is based on a combination of visual assessment and measurement by tools to verify compliance to tolerances and standards set in the CONQUAS standard.

Eligibility for the Quality Mark Scheme

The voluntary scheme is open to developers that meet the following conditions:
  • Have earlier projects subjected to the CONQUAS and achieved a minimum CONQUAS score stipulated by BCA;
  • Have at least one project that has undergone full unit assessment (not required if appointed builder has prior QM experience); and
  • Have the project that is submitted for Quality Mark assessment also undergo CONQUAS scoring.


Developers can request for re-scoring for those units that failed to meet the stipulated score for the issue of the Quality Mark. However, developers will have to rectify the defects before the re-scoring is done.

Quality Mark Tiered Rating System

The Tiered Rating System for Quality Mark (QM) was launched on 6 October 2010 to recognise developers and builders for achieving quality excellence. Projects that performed better than the prevailing minimum threshold/requirements for QM are rated into 3 categories. This serves to distinguish developers and builders who have achieved quality excellence beyond the high minimum standard specified in the QM scheme

QM projects are accorded "MERIT", "EXCELLENT" or "STAR" rating subject to qualifying performance . A Project's QM tiered rating may be downgraded if there is/are valid complaint(s) on major workmanship defects received by BCA e.g. window/wall seepage, interfloor leakages, functionally deficient doors/windows etc

Performance criteria for award of "Star", "Excellent" and "Merit" ratings are as follows:

* Based on initial assessment results of all locations (include balconies/private enclosed spaces) within all the dwelling units of the entire project.

** Based on initial assessment results of bathrooms / toilets in all the dwelling units of the entire project.

Wet area waterponding test passing rate = number of residential units meeting the QM wet area waterponding test requirement / total number of residential units in a project.

(i) A unit is deemed to have met the wet area waterponding test requirement only if all the toilets/bathrooms within the unit and roofs / wet areas located directly above the unit clear the initial wet area waterponding tests.
(ii) A Project's QM tiered rating may be downgraded if there is/are valid complaint(s) on major workmanship defects received by BCA e.g. window/wall seepage, interfloor leakages, functionally deficient doors/windows etc.

The rating system applies to QM applications received and all current QM projects completing on or after 1 Nov 10. The developer and builder of the qualified project will each receive a certificate for their achievement.

Click here for QM Rated Projects

Preparation for the Quality Mark Scheme

The project team - developer, contractor, subcontractors, supervisors, etc is advised to attend the CONQUAS training (1 day course at BCA Academy ) to be better prepared and adequately equipped with the knowledge on the CONQUAS standards and scoring system. Application form for the course can be downloaded from BCA Academy's website .

Application Procedure

The developer will have to submit a completed application form enclosing necessary documents and agree to the terms and conditions of the Scheme. The developer may have to ask his consultants/contractor to produce documents and method statements showing their key processes that have a crucial impact on the workmanship quality e.g. waterproofing works, marble laying and window installation, etc. BCA will carry out a review of these documents before accepting the application.

Any clarification on the Quality mark certification scheme, please email Mr Goh Thiam Lai ( at Tel 6730 4497 or Mr Tan Boon Kee ( at Tel 6730 4498.

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