*Percentile Ranking - Developer/Contractor may be subjected to higher sampling under the 3-Tier CONQUAS scheme for their future private housing projects, as long as they have private housing projects with CONQUAS score below the bottom 10th percentile in the immediate past 3 years.

Year Project Developer Project Developer Contractor CONQUAS Score Percentile Rank 2019 Private Housing AverageQM Rating
2019 Wallich Residence GuocoLand Ltd GuocoLand Ltd Samsung C&T Corporation 90.0 20% 91.5 Certified
2018 Sims Urban Oasis GuocoLand Ltd Sims Urban Oasis Pte Ltd Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd >=95 83% Star
2017 Leedon Residence GuocoLand Ltd GuocoLand Ltd Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd 94.5 78% Star
2014 The Waterline GuocoLand Ltd GuocoLand Ltd Hong Kiat Construction Pte Ltd 87.1 10%