The Quality Housing Portal provides a platform for homebuyers to make a more informed decision when buying a home. Homebuyers can search and compare CONQUAS scores and Quality Mark performance of developers and contractors against the industry average.

Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) assesses the quality of workmanship in structural works, architectural works, and mechanical and electrical works, by sampling a representative number of units in a housing development.

The BCA Quality Mark (QM) scheme, which is an extension of CONQUAS, assesses every unit in a housing development, ensuring each unit meets a minimum workmanship standard. See attached brochure for QM details/benefits

You may also wish to check out URA Homebuyers’ Guide prior to your purchases.

These top 10 developers are premium firms that adopted QM and delivered high quality homes in the last six years.

Private residential1 projects in the last six years are ranked according to their quality performance.

Developers and contractors are ranked by their quality performance, taking into consideration their average CONQUAS scores and QM subscription in the last six years (minimum 3 QM projects and 30% subscription to QM in terms of dwelling units). Rankings are updated quarterly.

1inclusive of mixed developments with residential component
Last Updated On 25 Sep 2020