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CONQUAS Score – A higher CONQUAS score means that the building is better constructed in terms of workmanship quality. For example, a CONQUAS score of 80 means 80% of the items checked for workmanship quality met the CONQUAS standards. The assessment includes checks on the finishes of internal walls, floors, doors, windows and permanent fixtures such as cabinets, wardrobes, shower screens, etc. Bathroom water tightness test is conducted to check for leakages.

QM Project – The Quality Mark (QM) certification is issued to projects that have met the minimum workmanship quality standard. Quality Mark (QM) assesses every individual unit in a housing project on the internal finishes such as the floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, architectural components and fittings such as doors windows, kitchen cabinets, basins, and mechanical and electrical fittings. Bathroom water tightness test is conducted to check for leakages.

QM Rating – QM projects that achieved better performance than the minimum QM requirements are recognised with QM ratings. The highest rating is the Star rating, followed by Excellent rating and Merit rating.

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