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Good Industry Practices
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This Engineered Wood Flooring is part of the CONQUAS enhancement series on Good Industry Practices. Engineered Wood Flooring has been identified as an environmentally friendly and sustainable product which can help the industry achieve good workmanship and productivity. As it is produced and finished in a factory utilizing smart cross lamination technology and elimination of repetitive on-site manual finishing works, the quality of engineered wood flooring is greatly enhanced. The elimination of labour intensive on-site finishing work leads to higher productivity.

This guide provides simple and practical tips on how engineered wood flooring can be designed, delivered and installed at site to achieve high quality standards. Photographs, charts and tables are used extensively in the guide, to provide easy reference and better illustration of the practices.




Content Page

1. Introduction
2. Design
3. Delivery Handling Storage
4. Preparatory Works
5. Installation
6. Protection
7. Maintenance
8. Common Defects and Rectification


Appendix A Inspection Test Plan

Appendix B Inspection Form


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