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Direct R1 Scheme


The Direct R1 Scheme is implemented with effect from 1 Sep 2015 to provide another alternative pathway for the industry to upgrade their new and experienced workers.

This pathway allows new and existing workers who pass the Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge), SEC(K), test at higher skill level and draw a fixed monthly salary of $1,600 or more, to be considered as R1 (Higher Skilled) workers. It will benefit better quality workers from overseas, as well as existing skilled workers who are unable to upgrade via the existing upgrading pathways due to the lack of sufficient construction working experience in Singapore. Employers will have greater flexibility in deploying higher skilled workers on-site, hence reducing the downtime and improving their productivity.

Who can qualify to be a Direct R1 worker?

Workers will need to meet the following criteria to qualify:

(i) Minimum fixed salary (1) of $1,600 per month; and
(ii) Passed the SEC(K) test taken at higher skill level.
Note (1) Definition of fixed monthly salary, click here.

SEC(K) is available at:

  • BCA Academy and various BCA Approved Training and Testing Centre (ATTCs).
    For the contact details of these ATTCs, please click here.
    For SEC(K) Express Course fees, please click here.

  • Various BCA Appointed Overseas Testing Centres (OTCs).
    For the contact details of these OTCs, please click here.


The Direct R1 eligibility status is valid for 2 years. Application for renewal can be submitted online to BCA, 3 months before the date of expiry (i.e. 2 years from the date of the SEC(K) test). Those who renew their eligibility status, are required to attend Continuing Education and Training (CET) in their registered SEC(K) trade.

The CET will be a half-day course covering the latest codes and regulations, good practices, and demonstration of new methods, materials, tools and equipment relevant to the specific construction trades and/or areas of responsibility of the registered personnel.

For the list of ATTCs offering the CET, including that offered by BCAA, and the CET course dates and fees, please click here. For the contact details of these ATTCs and BCAA, please click here.


Application for SEC(K) at higher skill level may be submitted to the various ATTCs or OTCs. Under the Direct R1 pathway, the worker must pass the SEC(K) at higher skill level and the Employer having declared to the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) that the worker will be paid a fixed monthly salary of at least $1,600, to qualify to be a higher skilled worker.