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Guidelines On Record Structural Plans And Test Records


This section explains the requirements on submission of record structural plans, and the site and tests records to be kept during the course of construction works. The Building Engineering Division of the Building Control which administers these requirements is located at the following address:

Building Engineering Division
Building Control
52 Jurong Gateway Road
#11-01 Singapore 608550

This document must be read in conjunction with the following Act, Regulations and guidelines for any updates :

  1. The Building Control Act (Chapter 29)
  2. The Building Control Regulations.
  3. The Building Control (Accredited Checkers and Accredited Checking Organisations) Regulation .
  4. Guidelines on Submission of Applications to Commissioner of Building Control.


Table Of Contents

  1. Submission of Amendment and Record Piling Plans
  2. Site and Test Records
  3. Appendix A : Details of Site and Test Records