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Sustainable Construction

Past Events


BCA Research co-organised two runs of a 2-day Material Recycling course with BCA Academy to equip PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) with a deeper understanding on the adoption of SC materials and practices. A total of 121 PMETs enrolled in the course.

Other SC courses organised include a 1-day Experimental Workshop on Material Recycling for Sustainable Construction for the PMETs as well. Conducted monthly SC Course Module as part of Green Mark Manager Course.


Organised by the Singapore Green Building Council, the IGBC was held from 9 - 12 October 2012 at Sands Expo & Convention Centre Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The theme is "Green Community. Green Action".

Held alongside BEX Asia 2012, the IGBC 2012 had brought together the growing international network of green advocates to share in a series of green building activities and knowledge shring platforms. Governments, industries and consumers around the world were becoming increasingly aware and were responding to concerns about the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on climate change by designing more energy-efficient and environmental practices and regulatory regimes.The global movement has to go beyond buildings - to reach, touch and galvanise the community and the individual.


Organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), IGBC 2011 was held from 14 - 16 September 2011 at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore with theme of "Build Green. Act Now".

Held alongside BEX Asia 2011, the IGBC 2011 explored new topics with emphasis on sustainable construction, buildings of the future - the 3 zeros, climate-related risk assessment, analysis of buildings and sustainable operations & maintenance. To build on its success, IGBC 2011 continued its focus on tropical architecture, integrated desgin methodlogy, advanced/cutting edge technologies and green building case studies.

Collaborated with UNEP, WGBC, China GBC, SGBC, ASCE and WMRAS to organize joint symposiums leading to a unique 7-in-1 event involving local and international partners. The conference successfully profile Singapore and BCA’s leadership on sustainability and green buildings in the region. It was attended by close to 1,000 participants from 29 countries world-wide.

The Construction Institute of America Society of Civil Engineers (CI/ASCE) co-located their annual conference with IGBC 2011. Experts, professionals and academics shared their knowledge on sustainable infra structure. It was attended by about 80 engineers.

The APEC-ASEAN Green Building workshop was held first time in Singapore under the ambit of Singapore Green Building Week 2011. Co-organised the workshop in BCA Academy with counterparts from APEC, ASEAN, US Dept Of Commerce, and SPRING Singapore The event was officiated by SPS/MND and brought together 175 key officials and green building experts from APEC’s 21 economies.

A Sustainable Construction Symposium was co-organised by BCA Research and WMRAS as one of IGBC 2011 track. The symposium attracted more than 250 participants.


At the 15th AsiaConstruct Conference which was held on 19 -21 October 2009, BCA Research shared with members on how an integrated waste-to-resource approach to recycle potential building materials for the construction industry could result in a sustained supply and demand of sustainable construction materials.


The ISWA/WMRAS World Congress 2008 was held in Singapore from 3 - 6 Nov 2008 at the Suntec Singapore. This is the 1st time that the premier World event, focused on solid waste management, is staged in South East Asia.

This event is jointly organised by ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), WMRAS (Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore) and the NEA (National Environment Agency) Singapore. Nearly 1000 participants from over 50 countries turn up for the World Congress.

In Conjunction with the ISWA/WMRAS World Congress 2008, BCA is co-organising a parallel session focusing on the theme of "Sustainable Construction" on 5th November 2008. Speakers from Europe and Asia shared their expertise and experiences on Strategies, Practices and Policies for Sustainable Construction and also the use of Eco-friendly Construction Materials to achieve Sustainable Construction. Industry experts from all over the World have been gathered at our doorsteps to share their expertise and knowledge!

Date:    5 Nov 2008
Time:    9.00am - 4.30pm
Venue:  Suntec Singapore


  • Dr. John Keung, Building and Construction Authority, Singapore
  • Mr. Chan Gyu Park, Yonsei University, South Korea
  • Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • Mrs. Mariam Mathew, Ngee Ann Polytechnic of Singapore
  • Mr. Oh Jong Taek, Insun Environmental New Technology Company Limited, South Korea
  • Prof. Ting Seng Kiong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Ms. Katherine Adams, BRE, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Stephen Wittkopf, National University of Singapore

Sustainable Construction Exhibition


BCA organised a 3-week exhibition on Sustainable Construction from 23 April to 11 May 2007 at the URA Centre, in conjunction with the Singapore Structural Steel Society. The aim of the exhibition was to raise awareness on the importance of moving towards sustainable construction.

Besides information on posters, there were exhibits to showcase various building components that employ sustainable construction, emphasising that sustainable construction need not be bland and creativity could be enhanced. Examples include a curved steel structure showing the metal cladding and the flexibility of steel structures, another exhibit showing different types of steel panels including those used in the latest HDB lift upgrading projects, a cross-section of a drywall to show its interior structure, and samples of recycled materials and products.

The exhibition included three multimedia containing general information on sustainable construction with the statements of support from industry stakeholders, and highlighting the benefits of drywalls in residential projects with testimonials from homeowners and developers.

The exhibition was also displayed at Republic Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic for the past few months.

Seminar / Conference
Special Talk on Sustainable Construction

Two prominent experts, Professor Roger Plank from University of Sheffield and Professor Richard Liew were invited to speak at the Talk. Professor Plank discussed issues relating to sustainable construction while Professor Liew demonstrated how steel could help to achieve a sustainable and buildable design.

23 Apr 2007 /
The URA Centre
Half-Day Seminar on Sustainable Solutions Using Steel

Our local construction industry has been very dependent on concrete for construction work. To enhance the resilience of our industry, we should move away from the conventional way of construction and switch to sustainable materials such as steel. Industry practitioners and researchers shared their experiences in steel design and construction in this seminar.

  • Achieving Safe and Quality Steel Design
    by Mr Patrick Choy, Executive Engineer, BCA
  • Documents Governing Steelwork Fabrication and Inspection
    by Mr Sze Thiam Siong, Setsco
  • Steel Structures - From Design to Fabrication and Erection; A Review of Changi Airport Terminal 3 Main Roof
    by Dr Teo Teck Heong, TTJ Design and Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Performance-based fire engineering for steel buildings
    by Associate Professor Tan Kang Hai, NTU
  • Truth & Myth About Cold-Formed Tubular Structures
    by Associate Professor Chiew Sing Ping, NTU
  • The True Cost of steel construction
    by Er. C. Harendran, Yongnam Holdings Limited
2 May 2007 /
The URA Centre
International Conference on Sustainable Construction

This International Conference focused on the application of steel and other sustainable materials, as well as recycling technology. Industry practitioners and researches from Japan, Australia and Singapore shared on the development, adoption and challenges in sustainable construction.

  • Sustainable construction in Japan
    by Mr Yusuke Yamazaki, Institute of Technology Shimizu Corporation
  • The use of fire-resistant steel in Japan
    by Mr Yoshimitsu Murahashi, Nippon Steel Corporation
  • Performance-based fire safety engineering - An opportunity for steel construction
    by Mr André Lovatt, Arup Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Quality homes using dry construction
    by Mr Santan Pathmanandavel & Mr Gary Newby, Bluescope Steel
  • Steel in the global city
    by Mr Kelvine Chong, Regency Steel Asia Pte Ltd
  • Use of recycled materials for concrete structures
    by Associate Professor Wee Tiong Huan, NUS
  • High strength concrete with silica fume
    by Mr Des King, Elkem Materials S.E.A.
10 May 2007 /
Raffles City Convention Centre
Conference on Recycling for Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction is the adoption of building designs, construction methods and materials that enhances the resilience of our construction industry.

Through recycling, more materials can be readily reused for the same or similar purpose, thereby reducing both waste and burden on our environment. In this conference, local and overseas speakers from Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom shared on the waste management plan, development of policies in recycling and the latest technologies in sustainable construction. The potential of these technologies was discussed to give participants a good appreciation of how such recycling techniques can impact our construction industry.

  • Optimising Systems for Resource Recovery, The European Experience
    by Mr Kit Strange, Resource Recovery Forum
  • Current Situation and Legal System on Construction Waste Recycling in Japan
    by Mr Hidenori Furuichi and Mr Takayoshi Furuya, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan
  • Reuse of Construction and Demolition Waste in Concrete and Concrete Products
    by Prof C.S. Poon, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • BS EN Codes for Better Quality of Concrete
    by Dr Tam Chat Tim, Advisor to the SPRING Singapore's Building and Construction Standards Committee
  • The Potential in Recycling for The Construction Sector
    by Ms Yvonne Soh, Centre for Building Research, Building and Construction Authority
  • Recycling for a Sustainable Future in Singapore
    by Dr Ho Nyok Yong, Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd
  • The Key to Profitability in Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste
    by Mr Stach Goldsworthy, Barmac VSI team's Application
  • Recycling of Unused Concrete with Polyclaimer
    by Dr Ng Khee Yang, Singapore Polytechnic
29 Nov 2007 /
Suntec City Convention Centre
Workshop on Recycling for Sustainable Construction

This workshop introduced the various requirements for recycled concrete aggregate, limitations in the use of recycled concrete aggregate for concrete under the European standards and potential future trends to make full use of both the fine and coarse recycled concrete aggregates in structural concrete.

  • Alternate Aggregates for Concrete
    by Dr Sujit Ghosh, Holcim (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Concrete
    by Dr Tam Chat Tim, Advisor to the SPRING Singapore's Building and Construction Standards Committee
30 Nov 2007 /
Suntec City Convention Centre
An International Symposium on Advances in Steel Structures

This 1-day International Symposium was organised as a part of the 3-day Fifth International Conference on Advances on Steel Structures. It provided an excellent opportunity for participants to listen to the international experts and understand recent advancement in the steel structures design and construction in the region as well as in the world. Eight distinguished International speakers who are expert in steel structures design and construction presented papers on various topics in the symposium. Structural steel topics in local context was also presented.

  • Aligning progressive collapse assessment with conventional structural design
    by Prof David Nethercot, Imperial College, United Kingdom
  • Composite joints design - Migrating from Finite Element Models to Component Models
    by Prof Roberto T. Leon, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • Plug and Play type connections in modern steel structures
    by Prof F.S.K. Bijlaard, Delft University, The Netherlands
  • Glass and Glass Supporting Steel Structures
    by Prof S.L.Chan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  • Performance of composite beams at elevated temperatures
    by Prof Mark Bradford, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Structural steel research & design - Where are we headed?
    by Prof Reidar Bjorhovde, The Bjorhovde Group, USA
  • Practical approach for design of semi-rigid composite frames
    by Prof Guo Qiang Li,Tongji University, PRC
  • Behaviour, Analysis and Design of Composite Beams and Joints in Buildings
    by Prof K.F.Chung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  • Papers on steel structure design and construction case studies of local projects
5 Dec 2007 /
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
Technology on Fire Protection for Sustainable Construction

As part of the Sustainable Construction Masterplan, BCA has been working on various initiatives to gear industry towards the adoption of more Sustainable Construction processes in the Built Environment. This seminar highlighted some latest development of the Sustainable Construction initiatives; these include the new guidelines on the use of alterative steel and high strength concrete. Maj Choh from FSSD shared on the latest Fire Code revision and its impact on Sustainable Construction. Industry experts from various disciplines also shared their experiences on steel construction and fire protection systems. Mr Hou Zhaoxin (the Chief Engineer of the National Engineering Research Centre for Steel Construction (China)) gave the audience greater insights of the steel construction in China with illustrations from some recent mega steel projects. The new guide on Fire Protection and Performance-based Fire Engineering was issued to participants at the seminar.

  • Protection of Structural Steel from Fire
    by Maj Choh Choon Jin, Head of Residential/Others Section (Fire Safety Consultation Branch), FSSD
  • Fire Protection in Sustainable Construction - An Architect's view
    by Mr Song Yew Kee, Senior Associate of DP Architects Pte Ltd
  • Highlights: New Design Guide on High Strength Concrete and Use of Alternative Steel
    by Mr Chew Keat Chuan, Deputy Director (Institutional & Commercial Project Department, Building and Construction Authority
  • Making Steel Structure more economically viable - China's experience
    by Mr Hou Zhaoxin, Chief Engineer of National Engineering Research Center for Steel Construction, China
  • Fire Protection coating to Structural Steel Buildings
    by Mr Wada Yusuke, Director of Industrial Contracts Marketing (2001) Pte Ltd
  • Selection Guide to Choice of Structural Steel Fire Protection
    by Mr Ian R Holt, Regional Technical Manager of Promat International Asia Pacific
25 Jan 2008 /
Pan Pacific Hotel
Towards Sustainable Construction using High Strength Concrete & Alternative Steel Materials

As part of the Sustainable Construction Masterplan, BCA has developed two Design Guides on the use of High-Strength Concrete and the use of Alternative Steel Materials which are not manufactured to BS Standards. The design guides provide practitioners with the necessary insights into the parameters and performance requirements as stipulated in local codes and standards. This seminar introduced the practitioners to the use of the guide books. The sessions were conducted over 3 repeated runs. Both the above guides were issued as part of the seminar materials.

Paper and speakers
  • Opening address
    by Mr Ong See Ho, Director, Building Engineering Division, Building and Construction Authority
  • Design using High Strength Concrete to CP65
    by Assoc. Professor Er. Tan Teng Hooi, Nanyang Technological University and
    Er. Ong Khim Chye, Gary, National University of Singapore
  • i>Production and quality control of high strength concrete in Hong Kong
    by Dr Zheng Wei, Herbert, Technical Manager, Concrete Technology Department, Gammon Construction Limited
  • Use of alternative steel materials to BS5950
    by Assoc. Professor Er. Chiew Sing Ping, Nanyang Technological University
  • Use of alternative steel materials in Construction
    by Assoc. Professor Er. Richard Liew, National University of Singapore
21 Feb 2008 (1st run) , 28 Mar 2008 (2nd run) & 25 Apr 2008 (3rd run) /
MND Auditorium
Achieving Sustainability Through the Use of Recycled/Waste Materials in Concrete

This seminar provided participants a good insights into the specifications & usage of recycled aggregates, blended cement and other types of cements in concrete to achieve sustainability in Construction. Successful application of recycled aggregates in European countries was also shared in the seminar. The technical Guide on the Use of Recycled Materials was issued to the participants as part of seminar materials.

Paper and speakers
  • SS EN 12620 Aggregates for concrete - A new approach to specifying aggregates
    by Dr Tam Chat Tim, National University of Singapore
  • Specifications for cement & Blended cement
    by Mr Yeo Peng How, Cement and Concrete Association of Singapore
  • Use of recycled aggregates in concrete - A European Perspective
    by Dr Michael Romer, Holcim Group Support Ltd
  • Accreditation scheme for recycled aggregates
    by Mr Guah Eng Hock, Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore
24 Jul 2008
MND Auditorium