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Sustainable Construction

Recycling in Building and Construction Industry

Scarcity of land and natural resources is a reality, particular in a small country like Singapore. It is therefore critical for us to make the best use of our limited resources. Through Sustainable Construction, we can do our part to optimise the use of natural resources and purse greater use of recycled materials in building works.

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Listen to what our industry has to say regarding Sustainable Construction!

Sustainable Construction is achievable only when all stake holders in the industry, including developers, architects, engineers, builders and all other practitioners along the value chain, recognize and appreciate its importance. We are glad that our industry partners are supportive in adopting Sustainable Construction.

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Know more about Sustainable Construction!

This movie clip gives an overall view of the sustainable materials available. Design professionals could consider such alternative to help reduce our heavy reliance of natural resources like concreting sand and granite. For structural components, steel is a good choice since it is highly reusable and has a high strength to weight ratio. For non-structural concrete components, one can explore the use of recyclable construction materials (such as recycled aggregates extracted from demolition debris). Other non-concrete products like dry wall and metal cladding would also help to reduce our demand for concreting sand and granite.

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Dry Internal Partition Wall

Want to know more about dry wall? Don’t miss this movie clip! Besides touching on the properties and installation process of dry wall, this clip also includes testimonies by professional from renowned University, testing laboratory expert, architect and residents on their experiences with dry walls.

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