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Application For Occupation Of Building Works - TOP


When the building works are completed, the applicant and the Qualified Person shall apply to the Commissioner of Building Control for a Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) or a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). The building can only be occupied when a CSC or TOP is granted. Application may be made directly for a CSC when all the requirements have been complied with. Otherwise when only certain requisites are complied with, application for a TOP may be made first before finally complying with all requirements and obtaining CSC.

Express TOP

This is a fast-track system to issue TOP within one working day when the TOP application has been submitted. The application must first meet all the requirements for the release of TOP similar to normal TOP application such as submission of the required certificates of supervision for works done and that the key technical departments have also released their compliance certificates or TOP/CSC for the works. Besides, the qualified person shall also confirm and certify that the requirements as spelt out in the written directions from the BCA following the site inspection have also been complied with. The fee charged for the express TOP for major project is $1000 and, for minor project, $500. The prescribed form BPD_ETOP must be completed and submitted to the BCA after the submission of TOP application has been confirmed to have been received by the BCA.

Application for TOP or CSC shall be made through the CORENET e-Submission System. The application form and other relevant forms can be downloaded from the CORENET e-Submission System.

On e-submission, please refer to the attached circular dated 26 May 04.


Procedure For Application For Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)

Before the application for TOP may be considered, the Qualified Person shall request for a joint site inspection with BCA of the completed building works. The issuance of TOP will only be considered after successful site inspection and the submission of all the required documents and clearances from the other relevant technical authorities.

Click here to download BCA Documentary Requirements for the Purpose of Obtaining TOPCSC.

Request For Joint Site Inspection Date

The QP shall apply for a site inspection date using the prescribed form "Request for Site Inspection Date under the Advance Booking System" (Form BPD_CSC09 or e-form or e-form BCA-CSC-RQSI). The requisition date shall not be less than 10 working days and not later than 4 weeks from the proposed date of inspection. Upon receiving the request form, the BCA will inform the QP through CORENET e-Submission System within 2 working days on its acceptance of the proposed date. It may also propose another date for site inspection. The QP shall re-confirm with the BCA one week before the scheduled date of inspection. Otherwise, the proposed inspection date is deemed lapsed and the QP will have to lodge in a fresh request form for a new appointment date. The BCA may also, at its discretion, notify the QP that site inspection is not necessary.

Submission for the request must be through the CORENET e-Submission System using the relevant e-submission forms available in the system.

When the QP re-confirm his acceptance of the inspection date, he shall also submit or make arrangement to submit to the BCA the following certificates and documents:

  • Certificate of Supervision of Building Works Form BPD_CSC02 or e-form BCA-CSC-CSPBW
  • Certificate of Supervision of Lightning Protection System Form BPD_CSC03 or e-form BCA-CSC-CSPLP
  • Certificate of Supervision for Installation of Lift and Escalator Form BPD_CSC04 or e-form BCA-CSC-CSPLE
  • Certificate of Supervision of Mechanical Ventilation/Air-conditioning System Form BPD_CSC05 or e-form BCA-CSC-CSPACMVS
  • Declaration by Qualified Person for the Application of TOP/CSC for Building works Form BPD_CSC07 or e-form BCA-CSC-CSCDQP
  • Form BCA-BFA Checklist
  • Builder's Certificate of Completion of Building Works Form BC/BC
    or e-form BCA-BE-BRCTBW has been submitted and forwarded to the Building Engineering Department of BCA
  • All relevant forms and Certificates of Supervision for Structural Works have been submitted by PE under separate ES number to the Building Engineering Department of BCA
  • Certificate of Lift Maintenance and Testing
  • A copy of "Annex A"- Listing of Safety Barrier Submission
  • Submission of Record Plan
  • Notice of Acceptance of Commissioning from Civil Defence Shelter Engineering Department
  • QP's Declaration on Compliance with Daylight Reflectance for External Surface
  • Cable Readiness Certificate
  • For submission in compliance with the Building Control (Environmental Sustainability) Regulations 2008, please go to Green Mark e-filing Portal for the generation of the following forms.
    • BPD_GM01 (Green Mark score calculations for residential and non-residential buildings) at BP stage
    • BPD_GM02 (As-built Green Mark score calculations for residential and non-residential buildings) at TOP stage
    For more information on the regulation, please refer to Legislation on Environmental Sustainability.

The following documents are to be submitted:

  • A set of Barrier-free Access Route Plans where applicable
  • Copies of Written Permission issued by the URA
  • As-built plans where any deviations from the approved building plans are highlighted
  • Other documents if required by the BCA