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Full-Time Courses offered by BCA Academy

BCA Academy is the Building and Construction Authority’s education and research arm. The Academy provides a full range of professional and technical training, research and development and serves as a national education and building technology hub for the delivery of an excellent built environment.

BCA Academy, formerly known as CITI, was founded in 1984. Over the years, it has expanded and plays a crucial role in the longer-term manpower development and in the development of building and construction expertise for the built environment.

Located at Braddell Road, it is built on a 5-ha site with a building area of 25,000 square metres. Training facilities include large and well-equipped training workshops and a good range of lecture facilities such as a 150-seat auditorium, IT training rooms, seminar rooms, lecture rooms and a 400-seat function hall.

Coming soon will be a gallery that serves as a key node for national education and a 'live' gallery to showcase BCA and the industry's new initiatives in improving the built environment and a zero-energy building to focus on construction research, process development and innovation that contribute towards improving the safety, quality, sustainability and friendliness of the built environment.

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BCA Academy currently offers 4 full-time diploma courses for secondary school leavers. Find out more about the courses below: