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What to do when a tremor occurs

Singapore is situated outside an earthquake zone. But large earthquakes near Sumatra of Indonesia may cause vibrations or tremors to buildings in Singapore. Buildings in Singapore are designed with in-built strength, which makes them safe and resilient against tremors caused by distant earthquakes.

When a tremor occurs, Stay Calm.

These are precautions you can take when a tremor occurs:

If you are indoors:
- Take cover under a table;
- If you are injured, call SCDF or the police;
- Do not use naked flame; and
- Do not use the lift.

If you are outdoors:
- Remain in the open until the tremor stops; and
- Stay away from buildings and overhead electrical cables.

Contact Numbers:
Building & Construction Authority
(Private buildings)
6334 2408 / 6334 2580

Essential Maintenance Service Units (EMSUs)
(Public housing)
The number for the EMSU serving your area can be found displayed at the lift lobby.