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AC / ACO / SAC Registration Fees Payment  
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  1. The Direct Debit and Credit Card e-Payment services allows you to make payment for the following type of application(s) :
    • Registration Fee for Accredited Checker
    • Registration Fee for Accredited Checking Organisation
    • Registration Fee for Specialist Accredited Checker

  2. Note:
    1. You need to have a valid Internet banking account with Citibank, DBS, UOB, OCBC Plus!, and Credit Card to make use of the e-Payment services.
    2. For Visa and Master Card Credit card payment, we can only accept up to $5000

  3. You also need to have the e-Submission No. (ES20051213-12345) ready in order to complete this e-Payment process. The Submission No. can be found in the transaction acknowledgement email sent to the Accredited Checker or Specialist Accredited Checker (AC / ACO /SAC) and the applicant (as indicated in the application form) after the successful submission of the application.
  4. This form takes about 5 minutes to complete.

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