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Course code 73966


2 1/2-day Course on




Up-to-date knowledge of local regulations and construction practices are key to the site supervisors especially the Resident Engineers (RE) and Resident Technical Officers (RTO) to deliver their duties diligently and effectively.


This course will provide site supervisors essential knowledge in the areas of regulatory requirements, safety regulations, environmental management at construction sites, code requirements on construction practices and site supervision.


With recent amendments in the Building Control Regulations to recognise graduates from more foreign universities as REs and RTOs for local projects, this course will be useful to engineers with foreign qualifications, and others who wish to be updated on local construction practices.




23rd Run:               13, 14 & 15 Apr 2015


Duration:               2 1/2 days (18 training hours)


Time:                     9.00am - 6.00 pm (1st & 2nd day)

                               9.00am - 12.30pm (3rd day)


Course fee (include GST):  S$550.00 per participant


Fees include course materials, lunches & tea-breaks





Building Control Requirements

 - Building Plan Approval

 - Permit to carry out structural works

 - Supervision of building works

 - Duties of responsibilities of Builders

 - Duties and responsibilities of Qualified Persons

 - Duties & Responsibilities of the Accredited Checker

 - Duties and responsibilities of site supervisors

 - Occupation of Building: CSC / TOP

 - Requirements on Design and construction

 - Prohibited Construction Materials

 - BCA advisory notes

 - Control and monitoring measures to safeguard adjacent properties


Safety Regulations and Environmental Management

 - Safety Laws and Regulations

 - Environmental Control at Construction Sites


Code Requirements on Structures Construction Supervision

Reinforced Concrete Works using SS CP 65

 - Steel Structures using BS 5950  

 - Foundation Works using SS CP 4

 - Supervision of structural works using SS 515

 - Formwork Practices

 - Case studies on failures of foundations / excavations / structures





PEB - 16 PDUs

IES-ACES (for REs/RTOs) - 12 STUs

WSH-CPD (for WSH Officers) - Pending




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