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Course Details

Course Code: 76068


Specialist Diploma in

Workplace Safety and Health



Under the legal framework of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH), a WSH Officer is required to be appointed for a construction project with a contract sum of $10 million or more. The Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health (SDipWSH) is one of the qualifications recognised for the registration of a WSH Officer by the Ministry of Manpower. This course will also prepare the participants to take up employment as other WSH professionals such as WSH Managers, WSH Advisors, WSH Specialists, etc. The course contents have been developed to suit personnel who wish to work in the construction industry.




 The objectives of the Specialist Diploma in WSH are:

·                     to provide participants an in-depth knowledge of WSH competencies under the WSH Qualifications framework; and

·                     to prepare participants to be competent WSH Officers for the construction industry

·                     to prepare participants to be competent WSH Officers for the construction industry



This course consists of 16 Competency Units (CUs), of which 13 are Core Units and 3 are Elective Units. The details of the CUs are given below:



1. Establish WSH policy and Advise on WSH Legal Compliance Issues

2. Design and Implement Behavioural Safety Programme

3. Establish and Review Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

4. Establish and Manage Incident and

Accident Investigation and Analysis Processes

5. Manage Internal WSH Audit System

6. Identify WSH Hazards and Assess WSH risks

7. Recommend WSH Control Measures

8. Manage WSH Risks

9. Develop a WSH Culture

10. Establish Measurement and Monitoring of WSH performance

11. Compose Technical Report

12. Develop a WSH Management System

13. Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement


14. Manage WSH in Construction Industry

15. Manage Financial Resources for WSH

16. Prepare and Facilitate Classroom Training (T&D framework)




This course is meant for personnel who aspire to be WSH Officers or other WSH professions such as WSH Managers, WSH Advisors, WSH Specialists, EHS or HSE Engineer or equivalent.




Course start date : To be advised

(Registration is opened. Course commencement is subjected to minimum class size)


Duration: 10 Months


Frequency: 3 weekday evenings


Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm


Venue: BCA Academy


Fees* (incl. of GST):             S$8,400 (without Funding)

                                              S$2,520** (with WDA Funding)


*Fees are pending WDA approval.

 The applicant will pay the nett fee upon acceptance into the course.



- WDA funding is applicable to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents only.

- WDA funding is up to 70% of the course fee.

- WDA funding is subject to WDA’s approval.


70% of the course fee plus GST shall be paid to BCA in any of the following circumstances:

1) WDA does not approve the funding application.

2) WDA revokes the funding for whatever reason.

 3) The participant does not fulfil minimum 75% attendance and fail any of the assessment components (e.g. written test, assignment, case study, etc) for each competency unit.

4) The participant breaches any of the terms and conditions of the course or funding grant.


This course is conducted in English.





Placement will subject to meeting entry requirements and on first-come-first-serve basis.

Those who are not placed in this run will be kept in the waiting list and will be considered for subsequent runs.


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