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BCA Gallery and Sensory Garden, located in the BCA Academy are set-up to enable Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to demonstrate the unity, strength and technical advancement of the building industry achieved through the built environment initiative.

The launch of the Gallery and Sensory Garden aim to educate our young on the importance of the building and construction industry in shaping our built environment. Visitors would be able to discover their role in the present and future development of Singapore.

At the BCA Gallery, visitors can look forward to an interactive journey through the various stages of development of Singapore’s built environment. From the formative years to the current developments and towards the future vision of the built environment, students will be able to gain useful insight into the past, the present and the future of our built environment.

Moving to the Sensory Garden, the visitors will also get to experience the different sights, sounds textures, smells and tastes in a comfortable and calming environment. The Sensory Garden incorporates principles of universal design and aims to demonstrate how design features enrich one’s experience in a garden regardless of the level of one’s abilities.