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Research is a core component of BCA’s vision to shape a safe, high-quality, sustainable and friendly built environment.

The Centre for Building Research supports BCA through its research projects and serves as a resource centre for the transfer of knowledge from technology centres to industry practitioners. It believes in actively engaging industry talents across a wide diversity of interests and expertise to continuously improve the built environment.

Current research efforts are focused on strategies to support sustainable construction, such as the recycling of construction and demolition wastes into value-added uses, and the use of other recycled industrial waste materials for construction activities.

A key cornerstone of BCA’s research efforts is the setting up of a Zero Energy Building to test-bed and integrate various green building technologies. The ZEB@BCA Academy will function as a demonstration project to allow professionals to learn, experience and work together to innovate and develop new knowledge and technologies. The facilities will be dedicated to the study of green and energy efficient technologies, their design and integration, and indoor environmental quality.