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The Building and Construction Authority is conducting the Annual Return of the Construction Industry for the reference year 2016. The purpose of the Annual Return is to obtain detailed information for the compilation of business and economic indicators to monitor the performance of this industry. 

The Annual Return is conducted under Section 5 of the Statistics Act (Chapter 317) (a copy of the Statistics Act is available at http://www.singstat.gov.sg/about_us/statistics_act.html). You are required by law to submit your return. Your completed return will be kept in confidence in accordance with the Statistics Act. As informed in the circulars dated 19 August 2014 and 24 September 2015, all firms registered with BCA’s Contractors Registration System (CRS) for financial grades A1, A2, B1 and B2 (under Construction Workheads CW01 & CW02) and L6, L5 and L4 (under Construction-related Workheads CR08, CR10 & CR12) are required to submit their completed returns within the time allowed to maintain their registration status.

Please complete and submit the online Annual Return not later than 15 December 2017 by entering the Userid and Password sent to you.

If your firm was not in operation during 2016, please submit a 'NIL' return and state the reasons and effective date under the 'NIL' return section in the form.

We strongly recommend that you have the following documents ready before you begin :
1. Balance Sheet - [Section C]
2. Notes to the Accounts (showing the Fixed Asset Schedule etc) - [Section D]
3. Detailed Profit and Loss Accounts (with breakdown of Cost of Sales/Contract, Administrative and Operating Expenditures etc) - [Section E & F]
4. Staff headcount figures - [Section J]

It will take you approximately an average of 20 – 30 minutes to complete the e-survey if ALL the required documents are readily available. Do note that it is a requirement to attach items 1-3 in your online submission and the supporting documents should cover at least 6 months of business activities done in calendar year 2016.