About the Scheme

The BCA Certified Construction Productivity Professional (BCA CCPP) Scheme accords recognition and grooms a pool of competent construction professionals who would lead the push for sustained productivity improvement within the construction industry.

A BCA CCPP is envisioned to be:

A competent professional who has the knowledge and skills to plan, coordinate and implement initiatives and measures to continually improve the productivity of construction projects.

Benefits of BCA CCPP

Upon registration, CCPPs can look forward to the following benefits:

  • 5 bonus points shall be granted to a builder's project Constructability Score (if applicable) to further acknowledge CCPPs for their continual commitment in productivity enhancement. The conditions for granting of Bonus Constructability Points are as follows:
    1. The CCPP must be engaged full-time in the said project;
    2. The CCPP is required to submit a Project Productivity Enhancement Proposal (PPE)* which shall contain proposals for macro (project-wide) productivity improvements for the project and two new key trades' micro (trade-specific) productivity improvements, plus all previous micro productivity improvements submitted. The PPE must be acceptable to BCA and
    3. The CCPP and the builder must implement these proposed productivity improvements in the project.

    BCA officers will conduct audit checks on site for evidence of the implementation of the said PPE during the course of the project.

  • The title BCA CCPP could be used on business cards and emails as a form of affirmation of his attainment of this professional status.


3. Registration as BCA CCPP

Registration Criteria

The criteria for registration are as stated below:

  • Able to demonstrate his capability and dedicated efforts in improving productivity of construction project sites. These efforts can include contribution and application of ideas, management/technical skills which lead to significant productivity growth for the project sites.

Registration Procedure

Applicant, who holds an existing Certificate in Construction Productivity Management (CCPM), and wishes to register as a BCA CCPP must complete and submit to BCA an Application Form (click here to download the Application Form for BCA CCPP)

BCA reserves the right to award BCA CCPP status to any prominent or outstanding individual in the industry without requiring him to undergo the above indicated registration requirements. Such individual shall be considered as Honorary BCA CCPP

Closing Dates for Registration

Applicant may submit his application not later than either of the following 2 closing dates each year to the Secretariat for processing:

  • 31st March
  • 31st August

Maintaining Status

The BCA CCPP status is valid for life with no expiry date. However, should BCA deem necessary in future, CCPPs may be required to attend continuous education trainings or briefings of revisions to registration requirements.

List of BCA CCPP

Click here for the latest list of BCA CCPP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here to view the FAQ.


The BCA CCPP Secretariat

Mr Chin Kim Hong at E-mail: chin_kim_hong@bca.gov.sg
Mr Tan Suan Hong at E-mail: tan_suan_hong@bca.gov.sg
For enquiries, please call our hotline 1800-3425222 (1800-DIAL BCA).