Construction Industry Transformation Map
Design for
Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA)

Design upfront for ease of manufacturing and assembly
Highly automated offsite production facilities
Efficient and clean on-site installation process

Design for Green Buildings
Sustainable practices in operations and maintenance
Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)
Enabled by Building Information Modelling (BIM), IDD fully integrates processes and stakeholders along the value chain through advanced info-communications technology (ICT) and smart technologies.
Increase adoption of DfMA and IDD
  • Establish robust DfMA eco-system to make DfMA price competitive and enable widespread adoption
  • Develop IDD shared platforms and standards to support the adoption of IDD solutions
Build strong and capable firms
  • Review public procurement practices for :
    • Better differentiation of quality
    • Greater transparency
    • Greater collaboration among firms
Support workforce needs and aspirations
  • Attract more Singaporeans with jobs of higher skills, more competitive salaries and a better working environment.
  • Build core engineering and skills in transformation areas via a structured professional development pathways across Pre-Employment Training (PET), internships and early job training, and Continuing Education and Training (CET)