Construction Workforce Registration  System(CWRS)
The Construction Workforce Registration System (CWRS) is an online portal for CoreTrade and Multi-skilling registration and the renewal of Direct R1 eligibility.

Construction personnel who are eligible for registration include locals as well as suitable longer-staying and experienced or qualified foreign workers.

Foreign construction work permit holders registered in any of these schemes are considered higher-skilled workers under the tier-levy scheme with extended period of employment.
Adjustment to Multi-Skilling and Direct R1 Renewal (Update)
The R1 status of workers who submitted their renewal between Aug 2020 to Dec 2020 shall be extended till 31 Jan 2021.

Close of Enquiry Hotline (62489845)
Our enquiry hotline 62489845 is currently closed. You may send your queries to us by using our online feedback form at BCA website.

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