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Nurturing Talent with Career Development Programmes

There is no better time to join the built environment sector

Under the first CPCF tranche, BCA partnered the industry to offer scholarship, sponsorship and apprenticeship programmes to encourage young talents to pursue careers in the built environment sector. The efforts have been a resounding success so far; more than 1,500 entrants and 160 sponsoring firms have signed up for the programmes in the past five years.

Attracting more entrants and industry firms

With the second CPCF tranche, BCA enhanced the scholarship and sponsorship programmes to make it more attractive for students and jobseekers to join the sector. The programmes will also provide more support for sponsoring firms.

Upgrading practising professionals and technical personnel

In addition to the existing sponsorship programme for part-time degree studies, BCA introduced joint-sponsorship programmes for part-time postgraduate studies anddiploma studies. These programmes will support practising professionals and technical personnel as they develop deeper expertise. In addition, participating firms will enjoy co-funding for upgrading the skills of local employees in selected built environment courses in local institutes of higher learning and the BCA Academy.

Enhancing ITE scholarship to support competency-based progression

The ITE Scholarship programme has seen enthusiastic response from ITE students in the built environment courses in the past two years. To enhance ITE graduates’ progression opportunities, BCA offers a joint-scholarship with the industry as well as a post-ITE development phase, which will be in line with SkillsFuture’s “Earn and Learn” programme.

Through the programme, ITE graduates can gain competencies in areas like construction supervision and BIM design. The enhanced ITE scholarship programme, together with the existing Diploma Scholarship and Sponsorship programmes, enable fresh graduates to enter the workforce and upgrade their skills while acquiring valuable work experience.

Developing local foremen and supervisors

The previous Apprenticeship programme has been renamed the Building Specialist Sponsorship programme. While the Apprenticeship programme had focused on grooming locals to be CoreTrade Foremen, the new sponsorship programme will nurture a larger pool of CoreTrade Supervisors.

More support for participating firms

To encourage industry participation in the Diploma Scholarship and Sponsorship, ITE Scholarship and Building Specialist Sponsorship programmes, BCA offers funding incentives to help defray the cost of quality mentorship and workplace-based learning provided by the firms.

Better progression opportunities

With strong industry partnerships, BCA’s comprehensive suite of scholarship and sponsorship programmes will enhance progression opportunities at all levels of the workforce. These efforts are aligned with the government’s SkillsFuture initiative to provide Singaporeans with opportunities to develop their potential through skills mastery.

  "BCA has been actively partnering the industry in promoting built environment careers to students and jobseekers. This has been useful in our recruitment and retention efforts and Woh Hup definitely looks forward to continue our participation in the enhanced Career Development Programmes."

– Ms Gloria Chung, HR Manager, Woh Hup (Private) Limited

For more details on the respective programmes, please visit
Programmes Contact Person Telephone Email
Undergraduate Scholarship/Sponsorship Ms Rachel Leu 6804 4200
Diploma Scholarship/ Sponsorship Mr Wong Kok Leong 6804 4205
ITE Scholarship Building
Mr Herman Rizal 6804 4211
Specialist Sponsorship
Mr Adam Thong 6804 4217
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