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Dear Readers,

The Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was unveiled in October 2017, marking a new chapter for the construction sector. The ITM was the outcome of collective tripartite efforts to chart out a roadmap to identify future growth opportunities for the construction sector. In this issue of Build Smart, we take a closer look at what the new Construction ITM means for Singapore’s built environment and its stakeholders, and how we can all be part of this exciting transformation journey.

Our ITM espouses a shared vision of an advanced and integrated building and construction sector with widespread adoption of leading technologies, led by progressive and collaborative firms, supported by a skilled and competent workforce. The sector’s transformation will result in the redesign of many jobs offering more attractive job scopes and salaries, and a more conducive and productive working environment.

The ITM describes how the built environment of the future will be shaped by the following key transformation areas – Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and Green Buildings. Our shared commitment to the ITM would help accelerate the sector’s transformation by:

  • Driving widespread adoption of IDD and DfMA;
  • Facilitating a healthy and sustainable built industry; and
  • Supporting the workforce and its needs and aspirations.

The adoption of technologies is key – this is why we have specially highlighted BCA’s new Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) Guides. These guidebooks, jointly developed with the industry, have been specially designed to help builders in Singapore on their productive technology journeys, and I hope they will be of great use to you.

The successful transformation of the sector requires strong partnerships amongst all stakeholders. It is my hope that firms and industry players make the most out of the opportunities brought about by the Construction ITM to generate greater growth and create good jobs for Singaporeans. This journey will take time, but I am confident that with everyone’s commitment and participation, we will get there!


Mr Hugh Lim
Chief Executive Office
Building and Construction Authority



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