They Did ICT! Check out these two companies that have successfully used ICT to up their productivity levels.


LC&T (1971) Pte Ltd
Technology Adopted:
Paperless Defects Inspection System

Construction company LC&T (1971) Pte Ltd has seen more than 200% improvement in productivity for its Tampines Nursing Home project ever since it adopted a paperless defects inspection system by FINALCAD in January 2017. FINALCAD is a provider of mobile apps and predictive analytics that helps contractors, architects and developers anticipate and fix issues that surface during construction processes.

According to Mr Tey Seng Kong, Senior Project Manager, the company’s site defects management process previously involved pinning written notices on office walls and using Microsoft Excel software to sort files manually. This was time-consuming and fraught with communication hurdles at times. With the FINALCAD software and apps, staff can now easily classify defects into categories such as causes, location and responsibilities. The ease of presentation also enables contractors to present a breakdown of defects to the respective subcontractors to take action on, which aids in speeding up issue resolution.



Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd
Technology Adopted:
LeanPlanDo (Lean Construction Management)
Vendor: Lean Station

For main contractors like Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd, project conditions are dynamic, which give rise to many unforeseen circumstances. Such situations decrease productivity and increase downtime. This motivated the company to adopt a Lean Construction Management software, LeanPlanDo. LeanPlanDo is a project management software which aids in the smooth planning and communication processes for building and construction projects. This tool aligns all parties in the team through notification of on critical events and updates from team members and subcontractors, task insights and a personal dashboard, enabling them to swiftly identify and respond to site issues.

Twelve months into the company’s transition, Mr Jason Yeo, Project Manager, has observed that constraints are better managed, as staff can anticipate and resolve issues in advance. All parties are also clear about each others’ areas of responsibilities, which helps them carry out various duties in sync and more effectively. “This minimises time wastage, and we are able to utilise our resources better,” adds Mr Yeo.




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