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Did you know that timber can be used as a structural material? Mass engineered timber are produced using wood harvested from sustainably managed forests. There are 2 forms of mass engineered timber, namely Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam). CLT is formed by binding layers of timber at 90 degrees with structural adhesives to produce a solid timber panel. Glulam is formed by binding layers of timber in one direction, resulting in strong elements suitable for columns and beams. It is also versatile enough to form curved and arched shapes.

Utilising mass engineered timber in construction projects could yield up to 35% manpower savings at the project level, resulting in significant productivity improvement. This technology also boasts having the lowest energy and water consumption as compared to conventional building materials.

In the upcoming SCPW 2016, we will once again be bringing ‘CLT & Glulam LIVE!’ to the BuildTech Asia exhibition. We will be showcasing how curved structures and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems can be integrated coherently with mass engineered timber.

This live demonstration is a collaboration between BCA and 2 local companies - B19 Technologies Pte Ltd and Struts Building Technology Pte Ltd.

Come and find out about how mass engineered timber can be utilized for construction in Singapore!


To educate the industry on the benefits of using mass engineered timber as a game changing technology in building projects, the live demonstration aims to showcase how productive it is to work with mass engineered timber as well as the advantages they bring.

Event Details

18 – 19 Oct 2016

CLT & Glulam LIVE!

20 Oct 2016

Technology Show & Tell (the real experience of the completed demo)

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