Date: 24 to 26 October 2017
Time: 10am to 6pm
Venue: Singapore EXPO, Hall 3
Free admission


IHL Productivity Challenge

Back for its 4th run this year, the Productivity Challenge 2017 is a project-based competition for tertiary students that will be held over a 6-week period.

Based on a selected site and building plans, participants will have to demonstrate their planning and choice of buildable systems and labour efficient construction methods while meeting the minimum Buildable Design and Constructability scores, within a given set of parameters. A training session on the Code of Practice on Buildability & other relevant topics will be provided for participants.

To participate, students should be in teams of five.

  • Promote learning and better understanding of the Buildability legislation and how it can impact design and construction practices in the industry
  • Encourage hands-on learning by having students apply the Buildable Design & Constructability framework and compute the Buildable Design Score (B-Score) & the Constructability Score (C-Score)
  • Stimulate interest and understanding of productive technologies and systems adopted in the construction sector
Judging Criteria
  1. Buildable Design Score of the Building Design
  2. Constructability Score of the Building Works
  3. BIM Modelling
  4. Propose a realistic Construction Schedule & Sequence of Work
  5. Quantifying and Project Estimation
  6. Creativity, Good Rendering, Reporting & Presentation
Key Dates

Competition duration will be 6 weeks between August until September. Exact dates will be announced later, please watch this space for more details!

First Place S$3,000 cash vouchers + Plaque
Second Prize S$2,500 cash vouchers
Third Prize S$2,000 cash vouchers
Fourth Place S$1,500 cash vouchers
Fifth Place S$1,000 cash vouchers
Event Pictures

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Final Judging