All of us play a vital part in driving sustainability for the built environment and we must all see ourselves as the instruments of change in this journey. Hence our vision of engaging all stakeholders, no matter how small their roles are, to be the change they wish to see, to build a better world and to help reduce environmental degradation. As the leading green building conference, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint of the event.

Read on and find out more about our initiatives towards a greener and more sustainable environment and how you play a part too!

Green venue

The conference is held at Marina Bay Sands, an eco-venue which was awarded the Green Mark Platinum Award. It has beend esigned to promote sustainability, and are active in the 3Rs of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling in their operations.

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Energy Efficiency Management

The halls will be set at 50% full lighting during the exhibition build-up days, and 75% full lighting during the event days. Indoor air-conditioner will be set at 24/25 degree Celcius to reduce energy consumption during the event.

No coat, no tie event

IGBC, BEX Asia and MCE Asia will be a “no coat, no tie” event, with temperatures at the venue set at sustainable yet optimal level to suit the comfort of all delegates. Delegates are encouraged to dress light for the events.

Easy Accessibility

Situated in central Singapore, the event venue is well connected to various modes of public transportation, including an adjacent train station and various nearby bus stops. Usage of public transport is encouraged.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Only recycled or Forest Stewardship CouncilTM Certified paper stocks are selected for printing of delegate name badge and conference brochures.

Reusable Lanyard

Delegate badges are free from plastic holders, while lanyardsare designed to use across all years of IGBC conference. Reused lanyards from previous year will go through a thorough sterilisation process to ensure quality and hygiene before being reused for the next edition.

Delegates are encouraged to drop your badge for recycling at various recycling boxes available near conference rooms.

Harvest Menu & Water points

Food and beverage across the 3-day conference are100% selected from a harvest menu – which includes the freshest ingredients and items that are sourced locally and from around the region to offer sustainable food options and reduce the carbon foot print. Also, we have worked with our F&B provider to ensure that unconsumed food from each meal shall be donated to charity organisations.

Water points are located at various locations at the conference venue, featuring reusable stemware cups,instead of paper cups.