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BCA Green Mark

About BCA Green Mark
BCA Green Mark Criteria for
Existing Non-Residential Buildings (Version 2.1)
Fuji Xerox Towers  
Photo and Address
Green Mark Scoring
(based on Green Mark Criteria Version 1)
Site Briefing
Presentation 1: Rules and Guidelines  
Presentation 2: Green Mark Criteria
Presentation 3: Fuji Xerox Towers  
1st Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
2nd Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
5th Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
6th-14th Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
15th Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
16th Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
24th-28th Storey Plan (PDF, DWG)
Roof Plan (PDF, DWG)
North Elevation (PDF, DWG)
South Elevation(PDF, DWG)
East Elevation (PDF, DWG)
West Elevation (PDF, DWG)
Section A-A (PDF, DWG)
Section B-B (PDF, DWG)
Section C-C (PDF, DWG)
Section D-D-E-E (PDF, DWG)
Please send your enquiries by 18 June 2010 to:
Tel: 6884 9481
Email: leesiah@star-horizon.com

Tel: 6884 9481
Email: dominic@star-horizon.com

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