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To encourage the private sector to develop buildings that attain higher tier Green Mark ratings (i.e. Green Mark Platinum or Green Mark GoldPlus), BCA and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has introduced a set of Gross Floor Area (GFA) incentives on 29 Apr 2009. For developments attaining Green Mark Platinum or GoldPlus, URA will grant additional floor area over and above the Master Plan Gross Plot Ratio (GPR) control. (Please see Appendix 1 Circular No. BCA/GM GFA/2012-07-TD01 URA/PB/2012/09-DCG dated 02 July 2012 and Appendix 2 Circular No. BCA/GM GFA/2009-04-TD01 URA/PB/2009/04-DCG dated 29 Apr 2009 for more details).


The GM GFA Incentive Scheme has expired. We are currently reviewing the scheme and will provide updates here subsequently.


The GM GFA Incentive Scheme will apply to all new private developments, redevelopments and reconstruction developments1 submitted on or after the effective date. Developments which have obtained planning approval but have not commenced construction of the superstructure works on site may also be considered for the scheme.

1 Reconstruction developments include major additions and alterations to existing building and major retrofitting to existing buildings as deemed suitable for the GM GFA Incentive Scheme by BCA.

Existing private developments are also eligible for GM GFA scheme if they undergo substantial energy efficiency (EE) enhancements to achieve high GM rating (i.e. GM Platinum and GM GoldPlus) under the New Building category. This is applicable to existing buildings of 10 years old or older from the date of the TOP2. The building must not have enjoyed other incentives under similar incentive schemes.

2 Where the building was granted TOP in parts, the age of the building will be counted from the date of TOP issued for the final part.

Types of development that are eligible for this scheme are:

Residential Non-landed, Mixed commercial & residential development and others (approved case-by-case)
Non- Residential Commercial, office, retail, business parks, industrial, institutional, community building, hotel, hospital, white site development and others (approved case-by-case)


The BCA Green Mark for Non-Residential Buildings: 2015 (GM NRB: 2015) will come into effect on 1 December 2016 (Effective Date). Projects under the GM GFA incentive scheme will be assessed based on the submission date of the GM GFA application as follow:

  • For GM GFA projects submitted on or after 1 December 2016, the non-residential portion will be assessed and certified using the revised GM NRB: 2015 criteria
  • For GM GFA projects submitted before 1 December 2016, a grace period of 12 months will be given to complete the Green Mark assessment based on the Green Mark version 4.1 for New Non-Residential Buildings. The revised GM NRB: 2015 criteria will apply if the Green Mark assessment is not completed within the stipulated timeline.

More details can be found in the Circular on the Revised GM NRB: 2015.


The quantum of GM GFA allowed under the Scheme is up to 1% for Green Mark GoldPlus and up to 2% for Green Mark Platinum, subject to a cap of 2,500 sqm for GoldPlus and 5,000 sqm for Platinum.

Table 1: Quantum of GM GFA for higher BCA Green Mark ratings

Green Mark Rating GM GFA Incentive Scheme
Platinum Up to 2% additional GFA beyond Master Plan GPR (subject to cap of 5,000 sqm)
GoldPLUS Up to 1% additional GFA beyond Master Plan GPR (subject to cap of 2,500 sqm)

The method of determining the GM GFA is based on the following:

Note: The additional GFA is subject to payment of DP or DC, whichever is applicable.


All Green Mark Incentive Scheme (GMIS) applications are to be submitted via BCA GMIS Online.

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BCA Green Mark certification supports green buildings movement by encouraging sustainable buildings in Singapore built environment. Moving forward, BCA encourages Super Low Energy (SLE) Buildings and Healthier Workplaces.