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  Application For Approval Of Building Plans Under The Simplified Submission System For Additions And Alterations To Landed Dwelling Houses
  The building plans for additions and alterations to landed houses can also be submitted through the simplified submission system if the works does not affect the drainage reserve or the public sewer. Hence, there is no need to obtain technical clearance from Central Building Plan Unit (CBPU) of the Ministry of the Environment at the building plan submission stage as well as at the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) application stage. The Qualified Person must purchase copies of Sewerage Interpretation Plan (SIP) and Drainage Interpretation Plan (DIP) from the Ministry of the Environment and ensures that the proposal does not encroach on any Drainage Reserve or affects the existing sewer lines before making the submission to BCA.
Application Form And Relevant Documents

For submission under the simplified submission system, the following documents are required:

a) Form BPD_BP03: Application for approval of building plans (with appendix on plan fee computation);
b) A copy of declaration form BPD_BP06;
c) 2 sets of declaration form BPD_BP06 Appendix 1, which will be forwarded to CBPU upon approval of the building plans;
d) The original copies of SIP and DIP;
e) An extra set of building plans marked CBPU at the top right corner. This set of plans will be forwarded to CBPU upon approval of the building plans;
f) Written Permission (Planning Permission) issued by the Competent Authority - Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) with a copy of the original site plan approved by the Chief Planner, or a copy of lodgment receipt issued by URA, or a copy of the approved electronic submission;
g) Waiver application forms (if any);
h) A set of building plans with the additions and alterations duly highlighted or coloured; The new roof extension shall also be highlighted or coloured on the site plan;
i) An extra copy of the site plan.
Approval Of Building Plans
  The application can be processed and approved within one working day. The QP can also collect the Notice of Approval on the spot if he wants to.
  Last updated on 01 October 2004
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