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  Building Plans - Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do every addition and alteration works to residential buildings require plan approval from BCA?
  Some minor additions and alterations to residential buildings, which do not affect the structural stability or integrity of the existing building, are exempted under the Building Control Act from the need to apply for an approval or a permit. The list of exempted building works is given in `The Schedule' of the Building Control Act.
2. Do I have to pay a fee for the submission of building plans? What is the amount?
  The application for approval of plans must be accompanied by the payment of fees computed in accordance with Regulations 108 to 111 of the Building Control Regulations.

Generally, computation of the building plan fee is based on the following:
a) $200 for every 100m2 of new or extended area or part thereof;
b) $100 for additions, alterations or amendments to each approved storey, with no increase in floor area; and
b) $100 per submission for works other than the above.
  Where the plans are disapproved or withdrawn, there will be no refund of plan fee.
3. Will building plan fee be required for covered car park or car porch which is not counted as Gross Floor Area (GFA) by Urban Redevelopment Authority?
  Yes. Building plan fee is payable for covered car park or car porch as this is classified as "other area" of the statistical gross floor area (SGFA) computation as defined in Regulation 108(2) of the Building Control Regulations.
4. How soon can BP approval be obtained upon submission of application for building plan approval?
  The response time is 2 weeks. However, most plans are approved within a week.
5. What shall I do after the building plan is approved?
  You shall obtain a permit from the BCA to carry out the building works within 12 months from the date of approval and apply for a Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) or Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) on completion of works. Where structural works is involved, a PE (Civil/Structural) shall also submit the structural plans for approval and henceforth apply for a permit to carry out the building works.
6. How long will the approval for the building works be valid?
  The approval granted in respect of the building works will automatically lapse:
a) if the written permission granted by the Competent Authority under the Planning Act lapses;
b) if the building works are not commenced within the prescribed period;
b) in cases where no written permission is granted under section 14 of the Planning Act in respect of those building works, if the building works are suspended for a continuous period of more than 6 months.
5. Will further extension be granted if the approved building works lapse?
  The Commissioner of Building Control may, at his discretion, grant further extension, provided that the written permission granted under the Planning Act is still valid. However, the request for extension should be made before the approval lapses.
  Last updated on 01 October 2004
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