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  Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) / Certificate Of Statutory Completion (CSC) - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What shall I do when the building works are completed?
  You must apply for a Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) from BCA. The building plans for the works must first be approved before the application for CSC can be made.
2. Can I occupy a reconstructed building without a CSC or TOP?
  No. You must obtain at least a TOP to occupy the building. It is an offence under the Building Control Act to occupy a building without a CSC or a TOP.
3. Is a TOP or a CSC required before occupation of conservation building works where extensive reconstruction is carried out?
4. When can I book a site inspection date with BCA?
  The building works must first be completed. Request for an inspection date can be made through Form BPD CSC_09.
5. Under the ABS system, will the inspection officer choose the proposed date of inspection or a different date?
  The proposed date of inspection will depend on the availability of the schedule for inspection and the inspection officer will advise on the preferred date or the nearest possible date.
6. When do I need to obtain a CSC after the TOP has been issued?
  The time frame for you to obtain a CSC is spelt out in the written direction with the issue of TOP or it may be further extended by BCA upon the expiry of the 12-months period from the date of TOP. This applies to reconstruction of landed houses.

As for additions and alterations to landed houses and residential units of strata-subdivided buildings, the time frame is stipulated as 15 months from the date of plan approval. This is indicated as a condition on the approved building plans. For retention works, it is 6 months from the plan approval date. However, in your own interest, you are advised to obtain the CSC as early as possible.
  Last updated on 01 October 2004
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