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Legal Search: e-Application for A Copy of Approved Drawings/Information
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Please select at least one (1) application type that you wish to apply for
Type of Application Fees Payable

Note: Only property owner or a person who is authorized by property owner may apply for this
$20.00 - Search fee per address
To be paid upon submission of this application

$25.00 - Copying fee for a set of drawings*
$ 3.00 - Printing fee per sheet*
$ 5.00 - Certification fee per sheet*

*To be paid when drawings are to be viewed, selected, printed or certified

Note: Any interested applicant may apply for this
$20.00 - Search fee per address

Note: Any interested applicant may apply for this
$20.00 - Search fee per address
Total Amount of Search Fee Payable: $

(1) ePayment allows payment via FlexiPay, eNETS Debit(Internet Banking) and VISA/MasterCard. Details can be found here.

(2) Please be informed that the Flexipay will cease to be an e-Payment mode for online application with effect from 31 Jan 2010.

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